Wonder City and Foxconn cooperate to enter the Chinese market

After Best Buy retired from China, the city of Wonder was pushed to the forefront. On November 17, last year, Media-Saturn Group, the largest e-retailer in Europe, and Foxconn opened the first flagship store in Shanghai with Foxconn. Because of the previous lessons of Best Buy, facing Chinaâ

3D TV "test water" screen cheers slightly disappointing

At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, Oriental TV and Shanghai Foreign Language Channel preempted the audience in front of the TV to experience the "three-dimensional scene" of 3D TV. This 3D trend is on the other side of the ocean. It is on the other side of the ocean. At 20 o&

Analysis of lighting and lighting in the living room space

People's feelings about color, texture, space, structure and all the details in the design of the room depend mainly on vision. If you leave the light and leave the lighting, you will not be able to talk about these effects. Therefore, the lighting

How to save money? Four major problems blind spots correspond to tricks

Buying things are all about "good quality and low price", but the decoration is too complicated. I am afraid that I will save money on this sesame, lose the watermelon like family safety, and I am afraid that I have spent a lot of money on the calculation. During the renovation proces

You can't miss the winter season refrigerator power saving coup

Into the winter, the editor recommends several refrigerators to save power for the housekeeper's door: First, it is best to clean the condenser, compressor and other components on the back of the refrigerator regularly to remove dust and ensure the cooling effect of the refrigerator. This c

Skyworth Yang Dongwen: LED color TV sales in 2011 will exceed 50%

On January 19th, LED TV sales increased rapidly in 2010. Yang Dongwen, vice president of Skyworth Group, said in Beijing yesterday that LED TV sales will exceed 50% in 2011, but in the new year, industry companies may still have insufficient market