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Micro whale latest exposure! Micro whale 40-43 inch sma…

Microwhale TV released the first 55-inch new TV in August. A few days ago, a new small-size TV was exposed. The size of the 40-inch to 43-inch model is estimated to be a small whale WTV40K1 and WTV43K1. A small-sized TV, without specification, should be between 40-43 inches-----

Cookie TV Q55S straight down 1000 yuan double 11 full f…

After the 11th National Day, the people of the whole country are about to usher in the most crazy Double 11th shopping festival. TV manufacturers are now preparing for the double 11th, presumably to win the throne of the sales champion. After typhoon TV fell 600 yuan, KKTV a-----

Philips 4K Shu Shilan TV officially released in October…

It is imperative for Philips to achieve record sales in 2015 and introduce more new products to meet the diverse needs of consumers. In October, Philips 4K Shu Shilan officially launched Jingdong. The first 50-inch and 55-inch models are available for consumers to choose fro-----

Classification of sound effects

[Home Theater Network] said that the effect is not the best, only the most suitable. But what is the most suitable sound effect, in fact, this problem has puzzled a lot of people who are engaged in audio, huh, huh~~ From the people who are engaged in audio, there is-----

The Future of AC LEDs = Flip Chip + Si Substrate + CSP …

AC LEDs, non-driven light sources, light engines, and power-off have become hot topics of common concern in the industry. Not long ago, at the new product launch conference of the integrated optoelectronic module light engine organized by Zhonghao Optoelectronics, Professor Wang Gang from Sun Yat-se-----

How is the Tylet Webox Box? TV box purchase method

How is the Tylet Webox Box? TV box purchase method The development of the Internet has prompted a lot of changes in the field, and this change is something that everyone can feel. In terms of smart homes, smart TVs have slowly entered more homes. TV boxes have become the s-----

Why can't you open the Bor Box to install the APP?

When a user uses a Kabul TV box, he or she often encounters the inability to install third-party software. In view of this situation, Xiao Bian analyzed three reasons why the APP could not be installed. The TV box project mode was not turned on; the flash memory chip was da-----