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Micro Whale TV W50A installs TV live software via U dis…

Micro Whale TV W50A installs third-party applications via U disk. Other models of the Micro Whale TV can also refer to this tutorial. Installation process 1 Download the sofa butler installation file to U disk → 2U disk to connect the TV → 3 Enter the file man-----

Qiqi users ride a spinning bike around the UK

Tencent Digital News (Compilation: Rabbit) For a friend who likes to ride a bike, sometimes the process of cycling is very boring. Maybe it can be solved by listening to music, but basically it is cycling in a constant cycle. But for the Englishman Aaron Puzey, this is not -----

Fun! Pane In The Glass goes online next week Vive

Baidu VR articles, please indicate the source Beijing time August 6 news, previously, Baidu VR community also made "Pane In The Glass" related reports of the game notice, this is a REWIND studio and fun full of glass games. Now it turns out that its release date -----

An article to understand what is iris recognition

Acuity Market Intelligence, the US think tank, has published a report on "The Future of Biometrics". The report shows that iris recognition technology will rapidly spread in the next 10-15 years, accounting for 16% of the global biometrics market, and total iris reco-----

Treatment of Transformer Leakage Voltage in Drive Syste…

When the fan drive system adopts the single-supply power supply control mode, the power level of the switching power supply output will increase, the performance characteristics of the components will be improved, and the selection of the high-frequency transformer needs to be-----

The happy twister repertoire "Jouyouji" VR ve…

Remember the box office dark horse “Charlotte Trouble” in 2015? The actor’s top domestic entertainment stage brand, “Happy Twist”, is now carrying its 2016 explosion model “Joy Friends” VR version to log into the MeWoo platform! T-----

4.6 inch screen Sony new machine is certified new flags…

Tencent Digital (Shuilan) previously announced that Sony will be released on September 1 will be named Xperia XR, and now there is the latest statement. According to the news from foreign forums, the official name of this new machine is Xperia XZ, and the so-called Sony Xpe-----