Dry goods sharing: the past and present of wireless VR

Speaking of VR head display, if you want to see good results, you have to get the whole PC version, but this line is really troublesome. However, it is difficult to lose the wire on the VR head. It is really difficult. Want to play wireless head display, there are curr

VR technology subverts pregnant mothers to see their baby

For pregnant families and parents, they can't wait to see what their unborn babies are like. Now they have achieved their goals through virtual reality technology. A recent research group from Brazil has developed a method that combines 3D modeling, MRI scans, a

When will our unmanned driving come?

As one of the hottest topics in the current car circle, the discussion of autonomous driving seems to be hotter than new energy and smart internet.

In September, Uber Taxi launched an unmanned fleet in Pittsburgh, including Volv

Pass Facebook to acquire SwissEye project ZurichEye

Social networking giant Facebook is stepping up its business in Switzerland through its subsidiary Oculus. They will set up an office in Zurich and 10 researchers from the Zurich Eye project.

According to swissinfo, Facebook Germany spokesman Tina Kulow said

December 2016 Datang Environmental Datang Nanjing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Regeneration Denitration Catalyst Construction Project Small Surface Area Titanium Dioxide Tender Notice

Tender number Tender code: CBL_20161116_188947035
Bulletin category: Domestic tender

Tenderee: Datang Environmental Industry Group Co., Ltd. Source of Funds: Other Bidding 3 - Datang Environmental Industry Group Co., Ltd. Datang Nanjing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Small Sur

Skyworth and BOE launch OLED TV independently developed

On November 16, Skyworth Group and BOE, together with Huawei's Hisilicon, released the first China-developed OLED TV in Shenzhen.

It is reported that the China-developed OLED TV released by Skyworth is based on the OLED screen from BOE. BOE is a leading com

Millet box 3c release! Just 199 yuan can be called millet box 3?

This morning, at the same time as millet box 3S was released, Xiaomi also brought us a low-profile version of the millet box 3c. Of course, this low profile is only relative to the millet 3s, and the millet box 3c is still better than the millet box 3 And nowhere else.

Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd

Tender number: ZCZB-2016-37-H96
Tender code: CBL_20161116_29447964
Opening time: 2016-12-06
Bulletin category: Domestic tender

Tenderee: Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Source of funds: Other tender notice
1. Tendering conditions Tangshan Sanyo

"Yore VR" Adds Hunting Function to HTCVive

Tectonic VR launched the medieval sandbox game "Yore VR" on Steam Early Access to support HTC Vive. "Yore VR" allows players to create their own ancient village in the woods. This week, the studio introduced several updates, added improvements an