Causes and countermeasures of tempering and shooting of automobile engines

The cause of the tempering and firing of the automobile engine may be the failure of the oil circuit or the intake system: the oil circuit failure is mainly caused by the fuel injection of the injector is too small, and the cause of the fuel injection of the injector is too small: the oil

LED lighting cooling solution

In recent years, with the high density and high integration of electronic products, the importance of thermal solutions is increasing, and LED lighting is no exception, and thermal solutions are also needed. Although the energy loss of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps is large, most

Guangri shares expand LED lighting market in Macau

On the 7th of September, Guangri shares held a press conference for the establishment of Guangri (Macau) Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. in Macau.

The relevant person in charge of Guangri said that the company will make full use of a series of