Green Power Calls Market Means

Green Power Calls Market Means

In order to retain the "APEC Blue," we must turn to relying on market measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Among

Is laser TV different from traditional home projectors?

As smart laser TVs became more popular, the industry's discussion of laser TVs never stopped. Many of them are keen to explore the difference between laser TV and traditional projection. On the surface, the application of sm

The seven technologies that will change the way of life in 2015

As we all know, the speed of advancement of science and technology is always exponential, but sometimes its evolution is actually under our eyes, but we have not noticed it.

In 2015, new technologies and innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence, rob

Broadcom BroadR-Reach Automotive Ethernet Solution

Since its inception in 2003, the AUTOSAR (Automotive Open Systems Architecture) Alliance has been working to change the way in-vehicle networks and electronic control units (ECUs) are designed. AUTOSAR proposes an industry-standard in-vehicle network design methodology that enables the in

Common LED terminology

1, resolution

The number of rows and columns of LED display pixels is called the resolution of the LED display. The resolution is the total number of pixels in the display, which determines t