Wanrun Technology withdraws funds from two LED fundraising projects

Wanrun Technology announced on the (31) day that the company will withdraw funds from the LED green energy-saving lighting project to raise funds for a total of 14,453,300 yuan, and agreed to raise funds of 1,272,200 yuan (including interest). The net

Prevention of aging tips for LED display products

The LED large-screen media also has an advertisement characteristic with high effective arrival rate, and the price is relatively low compared with the media delivery forms such as television and newspaper. These unique values ​​make full-color LED display<

Laser has a unique effect on electrode response

The effect of the laser on the electrode surface and the temperature change of the solution caused by the thermal effect are the main factors affecting the electrode reaction process. Lasers have many applications in electrochemistry, but the effects of lasers on electrode reactions are cu

Issue 5: Pandora-S speaks with "core"

[Pandora Central Control System Encyclopedia Series] Long time no see, kiss you? I have missed a few days, and people are very missing. In this issue, Pandora's Central Control Encyclopedia brings you Pandora-S to ta

LED digital power supply prospects

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" October issue (total 58th issue) Wen|Gan Qin] At present, LED lighting is entering the era of intelligent lighting from the era of functional lighting.

However, at present, due to