Midea Rice Cooker: Excellent Grade Rating

Midea Rice Cooker: Excellent Grade Rating

Recently, the US-based IH Intelligent Rice Cooker received the certificate of rice testing issued by the Ministry of Agriculture's Grain Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center. According to the monitoring results, the score of US IH Smart Rice Cooked Rice is 95 points, which is the highest standard for premium rice.

It is understood that the United States IH rice cooker four-dimensional flavoring system has a large firepower, titanium liner, the industry's unique boiling core, sweet five-core four core technologies.

First, large firepower.

The average IH rice cooker fire power can only reach 1200 watts, while the United States will upgrade the firepower to 1250 watts, large firepower, add fire on the fire, so that firewood more prosperous firepower, so that every rice is fully heated, let the heat penetrate Meter core.

Second, titanium liner.

US titanium tank liner, the use of space titanium alloy material, corrosion resistance, high concentration, energy accumulation and durability, energy loss, rice cooking process is more fully heated.

Third, the industry's unique boiling core.

The ordinary rice cooker does not continue to heat, and the fire is intermittent. The rice is easy to be cooked. The patented boiling core technology of the United States achieves continuous boiling of large firepower and stimulates the release of the original rice fragrance, which increases the aroma content of rice by 13%, making the rice more authentic and more fragrant. .

Fourth, sweet five.

The experienced grandmother knows that the new rice is delicious because the moisture content is appropriate. She controls the heat during cooking and allows the rice to absorb the proper moisture. No matter what rice is in her hands, she can make a new rice. Authentic sweet five-piece music, using technology to restore grandmother technology, so that each grain of rice has reached 62% gold water content, each mouth is the taste of new rice.

At present, the beautiful IH rice cooker has applied for 11 patented technologies and has obtained 2 invention patents for Japanese and Korean rice cookers. It has become the first domestic rice cooker invention patent applied for Japan and Korea in the history of the domestic rice cooker industry, and is making China's rice cooker products a step toward the world. An important step.

As a leading company, Midea gradually changed the rice cooker industry's ecological chain by studying consumer nutrition and health needs, technological innovation, and upgrading product structure. This has also won greater market opportunities for the United States.

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