Laser has a unique effect on electrode response

The effect of the laser on the electrode surface and the temperature change of the solution caused by the thermal effect are the main factors affecting the electrode reaction process. Lasers have many applications in electrochemistry, but the effects of lasers on electrode reactions are currently mainly manifested in laser enhancement, induced electrodeposition and electro-etching of metals and alloys. Accelerate, increase the deposition speed, reduce the activation energy of the reaction, reduce the overpotential, deposits are more regular and dense, particles and dendrites become smaller. In the study of electro-etching, the influence of laser makes the etching speed greatly increased The laser has a unique effect on the electrode response. Laser-enhanced electrodeposition and electro-etching researches such as laser electrochemistry not only provide a means of producing circuit boards without shielding, but also save on shortage of materials, and have great application prospects in the microelectronics industry. Therefore, further research on laser electrochemistry, It is a very meaningful work to discuss the action mechanism of laser on electrode reaction and its application in electrochemistry. Fe is two soluble substances containing one electron gain and loss. It is very useful to clarify the electrode reaction process and the electrode surface properties. The main purpose of this work is to observe the electron gain and loss behavior of this redox couple under laser irradiation. Influence on electrode reaction process.

The effect of laser on the electrode reaction process, this effect is firstly caused by thermal effect. Because the solution was at rest during the experiment, without laser disturbance, the Fe (CN) ions in the diffusion layer close to the interface reached the electrode surface by diffusion for electron exchange, and an electrochemical reaction occurred. When the laser irradiates the electrode surface, the light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy to increase the temperature of the experimental solution. Because the heat source is on the electrode / solution interface, the closer the interface is, the higher the solution temperature is. This solution with a broken temperature balance will produce a certain degree of micro-convection, bringing ions to the electrode surface, and the solution temperature is high, the diffusion speed of ions is accelerated, and the thickness of the diffusion layer becomes thin, which will cause i to increase. In general, the solution temperature is high, the activation energy of the electrode reaction is low, and the reaction is easier to proceed, so the initial oxidation potential is reduced.

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LED Guardrail Light

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Led Guardrail Light

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