Wind power benchmark price cuts down

Wind power benchmark price cuts down

The reporter verified from close to the official channel that the price department of the National Development and Reform Commission is brewing wind

90% of users use mobile social APP every day recently released the “research report on the needs and behaviors of mobile social users.” The report shows that people have a strong demand for social networking for interests, and the location-based services (LBS) function of mobil

Jingdian re-integration map investment Haotian Technology

Although Jingdian is mainly engaged in independent LED chip factory routes, the layout of virtual integration has gradually taken shape. Tiantian Technology of Jingdian Investment applied for registration on the 12th, and the shareholding of Panjing E

Analysis of LED lamp heating and heat dissipation coating application

Unlike incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps used in the past, their energy loss is large, but most of the energy is directly emitted by infrared rays, and the light source generates less heat. LEDs, in addition to being consumed as visible light, convert other energy. It became hot. In