4 major problems that must be solved in the network of smart appliances

The first Internet-connected refrigerator was placed in a century-old house in the Netherlands. In fact, the house also has interconnected lights, doorbells, inboxes and even toilets. The refrigerator was launched on July 12, 1998 and is still running. When the refrigerator d

Personal LAN four major technology PK, Bluetooth technology is favored

The rise of the Internet of Things has opened a big window for short-range wireless communication technology. Various short-range wireless communication technologies have been booming and have spawned a new concept - Personal Area Network (PAN). Local or local area net

Maxim's vital signs monitoring service (Fit) reference design

The Vital Signs Monitoring Service (Fit) enables healthcare professionals and users who are eager to learn about their health to monitor vital signs at low cost. The highly integrated monitoring suit is designed to measure three-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), body tempe

Let the 4G/IoT typhoon be more violent.

By June 2014, the number of 4G terminals that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had entered had exceeded 300 million. The follow-up ratio is still gradually increasing. The prospect of the industry's transition from 3G to 4G is bright. And with th

The development of new sensors, the material is the "stone"

Sensor materials are an important foundation for sensor technology, and with the advancement of materials science, people can create a variety of new sensors. For example, a temperature sensor is made of a polymer polymer film, and the optical fiber can be made into va

Smart hardware to hot sale five hurdles

Smart hardware to hot sale five hurdles

Under the smart hardware line, Sharon, several senior professionals from the field of smart hardware production, R&D and sales shared their vi

Chip makers participate in wearable device melee

Wearing devices is no doubt a new force in consumer electronics. But in this market, the chip maker also joins as a new force. Chip makers are different from consumer electronics manufacturers in that they truly support the cornerstone of wearable devices.

FTTH smart gateway makes smart home life more exciting

With the maturity of sensor monitoring, intelligent interaction, and fiber-to-the-home technology, smart homes are becoming a reality from the vision: through smart phones, PADs and other terminals, users can enjoy smart, comfortable, efficient and safe smart life anyt