Analysis of problems that LED display screen should pay attention to in outdoor application

Nowadays, the application of LED display screens is more and more extensive, and outdoor LED display screens can be seen everywhere on the streets and in shopping malls. Due to the many advantages of LED display screens, many advertisers have used outdoor LED display screens for visual marketing in recent years, and the outdoor LED display application market has become popular, and the market prospect is bright.
In the process of using the outdoor LED display, it is greatly affected by the surrounding environment. In order to make the LED display have a better display effect outdoors, we should pay attention to the following issues:
1. The brightness of the outdoor LED full-color display is generally above 1500cd / m2 to ensure the normal operation of the display, otherwise the displayed image will not be clear due to the low brightness. Affected by the outdoor environment, if the high temperature for a long time will cause the LED to decay, which will affect the display effect of the display screen and also affect the life of the screen body. To solve this problem, the circuit board design of the LED display must meet the heat dissipation performance requirements. Using aluminum heat dissipation fins as the outer shell is the lowest cost of enhanced heat dissipation-using the shape of the lamp shell to create convection air.
Second, the brightness of the LED display is mainly determined by the quality of the LED lamp beads. Poor or uneven heat dissipation may cause uneven heat dissipation throughout the LED light. The white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the LED display, to ensure that the color displayed on the LED display is highly consistent with the color of the playback source. Capacitors are set by switching devices or other components that require filtering / decoupling. Arrange these capacitors as close as possible to these components. Too far away will not work.
3. The size of the viewing angle directly determines the number of LED display audiences, so the larger the better. The uneven attenuation rate of the red, green and blue LED lights is more likely to cause color cast on the screen. The size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by the packaging method of the die, and the uneven brightness of the LED lamp will cause the entire screen to bloom. The reproducibility of color refers to the reproducibility of the LED display to the color lighting design.

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