4 major problems that must be solved in the network of smart appliances

The first Internet-connected refrigerator was placed in a century-old house in the Netherlands. In fact, the house also has interconnected lights, doorbells, inboxes and even toilets. The refrigerator was launched on July 12, 1998 and is still running. When the refrigerator door is opened each time, it is recorded and broadcast. So far, the owner of the refrigerator, Alex van Es, has opened nearly 70,000 refrigerator doors in the past 16 years. This refrigerator is called Quantified Fridge.

If you are not too gossip, the above information does not have much value. It certainly won't bring changes to your life, and certainly won't lead to changes in user behavior. Not all data can be created equally, and of course not all data is worth collecting and displaying. The author is of course very convinced that the data of the refrigerator mentioned above is actually not worth collecting.

Of course, there may be some legitimate reasons for putting some "objects" on the Internet, such as checking their status. What is this object doing, is its state good or bad? How much energy/resource/time does it consume? Is it malfunctioning? Connect the sensor to the correct internal component and send the collected data to the line. It's a good way to view data from an app or web page. But the point here is "correct internal components." Of course, I don't care if the refrigerator door opens a few times, but I will care if the compressor of the refrigerator is broken, and I will care if the things I put in the refrigerator will melt.

The second reason for putting "objects" on the Internet is that when they have problems, they can be adjusted in time. For example, when the temperature inside my refrigerator suddenly rises, I can receive a warning reminder, which is very good, I can solve the problem quickly, such as setting a new part, or simply buying a new one to replace the bad one. . Of course, you can also ask a repairman to come to the door to fix the refrigerator.

Connecting objects to services is the third reason to connect certain "objects" to the Internet, making it easy to access external resources, promote, repair, or extend objects. For example, when the detergent in my dishwasher is used up, you can book one directly and add it to my shopping cart.

The wrong way to connect the Internet to home appliances

Building a relationship with your shopping list should be something that every manufacturer dreams of. LG launched its first commercial Internet refrigerator in 2000. But you, or anyone, are willing to scan the QR code before putting the food into this so-called smart refrigerator?

This kind of interconnection shouldn't turn you into a slave to the device, letting you keep an eye on them. What's worse, these devices even ask you to provide them with data.

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