Maxim's vital signs monitoring service (Fit) reference design

The Vital Signs Monitoring Service (Fit) enables healthcare professionals and users who are eager to learn about their health to monitor vital signs at low cost. The highly integrated monitoring suit is designed to measure three-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), body temperature and motion status. All diagnostic tools are integrated into the inside of the shirt without affecting wearing comfort.

The new intelligent monitoring service integrates dry-electrode ECG measurement technology, complex signal processing technology, temperature sensor, motion sensor, ultra-low-power microcontroller and wireless communication unit. It is the experience of Maxim Integrated, Clearbridge VitalSigns and Orbital Research. The results of active cooperation at the level of technology and innovation. This smart care suit opens up a new era of preventive health care, making health care less costly and more accessible.

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram

Low power microcontroller

The MAXQ622 is a 16-bit microcontroller with an infrared module and USB (optional) capability. Key Benefits: Microcontrollers with integrated transceivers reduce overall system power consumption and extend battery life.

Details: MAXQ622

Power and battery management

The MAX8904 features an efficient power management IC with an I2C interface for 2-cell Li+ battery-powered devices. Key advantage: Highly integrated PMIC optimized for POS terminals.

Details: MAX8904

MAX8939 mobile phone system power management solution, the key advantage: single-chip solution to meet the wide range of power supply requirements of mobile phone systems.

Details: MAX8939

USB protector / charger

The MAX17502 is a 60V, 1A, ultra-small, high efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter. Key Benefits: Built-in FET, 60V synchronous rectification buck converter for efficient design.

Details: MAX17502

The MAX17501 is a 60V, 500mA, ultra-small, high efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter. Key Benefits: Built-in FET, 60V synchronous rectification buck converter for efficient design.


The MAX17498C is an AC-DC and DC-DC peak current mode converter that supports flyback/Boost applications. Key Benefits: Current mode PWM controllers support compact, cost-effective, highly flexible isolated/non-isolated power supply designs.

Details: MAX17498C

Silicon temperature sensor

The MAX6656 is a dual remote/local temperature sensor and a four-way voltage monitor.


Our Battery Smart Monitoring system is direct integration of the battery restore solution into computer-based battery monitoring system which combines wireless communication with patented, field-proven battery monitor and analysis technology. It not only has the ability to restore battery, but also has the ability to monitor battery's State-Of- Health(SOH) in real time. It is much more intelligent than Smart Pulse Protector and Pulse Restore System because of it's battery remote management and maintenance function with wireless communication.  
It is comprised of 3 base hardware which consists of a monitoring host, several monitoring modules, and several data box modules. Plus 1 software operation system. The monitor parts connected wirelessly with batteries pack and reliably reports battery State-Of-Health(SOH) to the software platform.  
The battery monitoring system adopts a inspection module for each battery analysis and monitoring. Through the wireless communication technology, every single battery's SOH data collected by monitor is concentrated into the data box module. The data box module is used to collect the battery's voltage, temperature, internal resistance and current simultaneously. Then transmit all the data to the monitoring host which can do data displaying, analysis, storage, and alarming as soon as abnormal. Battery Monitoring System
Since the Monitoring system is integrated with Base Site Battery Protector System, The real-time improvement of the battery equalization and small pulse current desulfation, lead to the battery lifespan prolonged up to 2 times. Meanwhile, monitor battery's State-Of- Health(SOH) and State-Of-Charge (SOC) in real time to make sure keeping the back up power system always safe and uptime. 

Battery Smart Monitoring System

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