Personal LAN four major technology PK, Bluetooth technology is favored

The rise of the Internet of Things has opened a big window for short-range wireless communication technology. Various short-range wireless communication technologies have been booming and have spawned a new concept - Personal Area Network (PAN). Local or local area networks, as well as wide-area or global networks for connecting to the outside world, already exist in existing office environments—so it is not absurd to build a close-range network that individuals can carry.

In fact, due to the low cost and ease of use, personal wireless access point devices have sprung up, which can also explain the popularity of 3G or 4G mobile communication backhaul links and the use of a single wireless hub to connect multiple devices. A valuable opportunity, this has made the device a practical choice that is not only very simple but also very effective.

But in theory, since mobile phones can support wireless networks, it is a very common practice to establish personal hotspots; however, this scenario is seen after users see mobile operators setting high standards for personal hotspots. It will be eliminated immediately. Mobile operators seem to be very tired of the fact that multiple devices share the same mobile communication connection; even if these devices belong to the same user, the actual situation will not change as long as they cannot be directly charged.

Status quo at home and abroad: Four technologies are still vying for

Throughout the research status of personal area network at home and abroad, there are four main implementation technologies: Bluetooth, IrDA, 802.11 and Home RF.

Bluetooth has fast frequency hopping, low power consumption, high flexibility, easy to penetrate obstacles, and realizes all-round data transmission. Therefore, it has advantages in mobile device interconnection, especially suitable for a wide range of activities, requirements and more. Devices are rapidly interconnected, such as laptops, digital cordless phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones, and more.

IrDA is a technology that uses infrared to perform point-to-point communication. It has the characteristics of small size and low power required for mobile communication equipment. The transmission rate is the first of the four, up to 16Mb/s. Because of the point-to-point connection, there is less interference. IrDA technology is preferred for devices that require high transmission rates, low usage times, small moving range, and low price, such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras.

However, it should be noted that IrDA technology is a line-of-sight technology with no obstacles in the middle. Secondly, the core component of IrDA equipment - infrared LED is not a very durable device, for infrequently used scanners, digital cameras. Although the equipment is easy to use, if you use the mobile phone equipped with the IrDA port to access the Internet, you may soon be overwhelmed.

IEEE802.11 has a long transmission distance and fast speed, and is suitable for wireless networks with large distances in corporate enterprises. IEEE 802.11 works in the physical layer and MAC layer of the Open System Interconnection Reference Model, and its MAC layer utilizes the Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance Protocol. At the physical layer, IEEE 802.11 defines three different physical media: Infrared, Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FH) and direct spread (DS). IEEE 802.11 supports a data rate of 1-11 Mb/s, but it is rarely used in the implementation of personal area networks because of its high cost and high power consumption.

Home RF is designed for home users because the radius of activity of this environment is greater than the range of motion specified by Bluetooth technology and less than the radius of IEEE 802.11.

Bluetooth technology will show your talents

Bluetooth technology has greatly promoted the development of personal area networks. Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless communication technology that supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint voice and data services. It is designed to form a kind of miniaturized, low-cost and low-power wireless communication technology. The network around the individual enables all kinds of informatized mobile or fixed devices within its coverage to achieve “seamless” resource sharing. The essence of the network is to establish a common radio air interface and its open standards for control software. The combination of communication and computer enables devices manufactured by different manufacturers to have interoperable and interoperable performance in a short range without wires interconnection.

The application of Bluetooth technology in wireless personal area networks will mainly focus on small-scale environments such as homes and offices, generally not exceeding 10m. At present, the most promising market is to run the company's wireless personal area network. In the home LAN, it is necessary for home appliance manufacturers to carry out technological transformation in this respect, and it is possible to have a big breakthrough. Of course, many electrical companies are already developing such products.

It is believed that in the future, Bluetooth will break out in the dispute of personal area network technology, bringing the most reliable information exchange channel for short-distance Internet of Things.

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