Panasonic displays GaN substrate white LEDs to improve the design freedom of headlights

Panasonic presented white LEDs for automotive headlights at "electronica 2014." The Panasonic white LED is characterized by a blue LED chip fabricated on a GaN substrate. It is easier to increase the current density than a conventional sapphire substrate.

Since the current density can be increased, a smaller chip size can achieve the same brightness as a product using a sapphire substrate. This allows the headlights to be miniaturized and helps to increase the design freedom of the headlights.

In addition, Panasonic also exhibited the MCU and DC-DC converters necessary to drive white LEDs. The narrator said, "Our advantage is not only to provide LEDs, but also to provide digital products like MCUs, as well as analog products like DC-DC converters." With this advantage, Panasonic's automotive LED products have begun to be adopted in the European market.

This car LED is displayed next to the cooling fan for the vehicle equipment. “This show is to let everyone know about our entire thermal design, that is, from the heat source of LED, the hot inlet, to the design of the heat outlet of the cooling fan. I hope to emphasize the use of our white LED and The drive components, combined with the cooling fan and (in addition to) the heat-dissipating graphite sheet, make the thermal design of the LED headlights easier."

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