LED digital power supply prospects

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" October issue (total 58th issue) Wen|Gan Qin] At present, LED lighting is entering the era of intelligent lighting from the era of functional lighting.

However, at present, due to price and other factors, the penetration rate of intelligent lighting is very low. Some insiders believe that the emergence of LED digital power supply is expected to change the pattern of intelligent lighting of LED lighting.

It is understood that the digital power supply is based on DSP or MCU, and the digital power driver and PWM controller are used as control objects to form an intelligent switching power supply system. The "integrated digital power" technology is used to achieve an optimized combination of analog and digital components in a switching power supply.

Recently, a number of LED companies, including Zhongheng Paiwei and Delip, have launched digital power layout markets. According to industry insiders, digital power is not a new concept. It has been applied to some high-end power sources many years ago. However, how to apply low-cost MCUs in the field of lighting is a big challenge.

Obvious advantage

It is understood that the traditional drive power supply must meet the needs of users, requiring high conversion efficiency of the drive power supply, low output current ripple, no optocoupler design, and whether it is a supported or unsupported model when accessing any dimmer. The safety of the luminaire must be guaranteed.

The industry believes that digital power technology breaks through the limitations of traditional power solutions, can integrate and optimize user requirements, and provides a complete solution for LED driver and dimming control.

"The biggest advantage of digital power is that its digital accuracy is very high, because its system is internally operated by DSP." Hua Shunxiang, general manager of Zhongheng Paiwei, said, "The digital power supply has an MCU computing module. Programming and program calculations, able to output the current and voltage we want."

Hua Shunxiang introduced that digital power can give full play to the advantages of digital signal processors and microcontrollers, so that the designed digital power supply can reach high technical indicators. In addition, the digital power supply can also realize multi-phase control, nonlinear control, load current sharing and fault prediction, which is very convenient.

"Digital power supply has the advantage of strong compatibility. It can be compatible with the mainstream intelligent control mode by adjusting the code agreement." Pu Cheng, deputy general manager of Delip's new application business, said, "In addition, the digital power supply can freely set the output current of the LED drive power supply. , eliminating the trouble of repeatedly disassembling and changing the power parameters."

According to Pu Cheng, Delipu's LED digital power supply is mainly for the simple and easy-to-use micro-system designed for commercial lighting track lights, downlights and panel lights, to solve the lighting control needs of local environment. In addition, scenario lighting can be designed for meeting room needs in an office environment.

Promote doubt

Although digital power has many advantages, there are still concerns about the adoption of digital power products. After all, digital power supplies have not been tested for many years like analog power supplies. The industry believes that digital power is only considered when digital power supplies provide advanced features that analog power supplies cannot achieve and cost advantages.

Zhao Chunbo, director of Ming Microelectronics' marketing department, believes that analog power products have advantages in applications that are easy to use and have few parameter changes.

Zhao Chunbo said, "If the function that can be realized by analog power supply is implemented by numbers, I don't think it is necessary. Because if you use digital to process it, you must first use analog to convert it into a number. The digital re-translation simulation, which causes the cost to be too high, the digital power supply does not have much advantage at this time."

“Digital power is controlled by current, not only to control speed but also to control position. In complex system applications, digital power does have advantages.” Fu Xiaohui, general manager of Huagao Core Sources, “but if it is used in the field of LED street lights If you refer to digital power technology, I think it's a bit of a big deal."

In addition, the analog control's response to the signal state is instantaneous, and the digital power supply requires a process of sampling, quantization, and processing to provide feedback on the load change, so its response to load changes is currently inferior to analog power. .

Zhao Chunbo said that if used in the field of intelligent lighting, such as "SOC", which is a system-on-chip, highly integrated field, digital power will have certain advantages, because it can realize all functions through one chip.

The future is still optimistic

The industry believes that intelligent lighting promotes the need for energy saving and emission reduction, and can eliminate unnecessary energy waste through intelligent control to eliminate or reduce. LEDs are favored by intelligent lighting because of their dimming function. LED dimming can bring comfort to home lighting and energy saving for office lighting.

However, due to the high price, LED smart power has been very small in sales.

The industry said that only through the innovative design of LED intelligent lighting power technology, LED dimming and coloring lighting products can truly achieve high performance and low cost advantages, and digital power is the best tool to achieve "secondary energy saving" of intelligent lighting.

Pu Cheng introduced that the company's digital power supply is composed of system networking, using MCU master control, innovation from the power management IC, to achieve the application of lighting products and personalized lighting needs, and the price and conventional dimming power products are very Close.

"Some companies make ordinary power supplies like digital power products, through the front-end simulation, back-end plus some small MCU modules, this approach will cost a lot." Hua Shunxiang said, "And Our products are based on the concept of digital, that is, the entire use of MCU, so the cost is not much different from the ordinary analog power supply."

Hua Shunxiang introduced that LED digital power supply will become a development trend in the future and will help accelerate the establishment of standardization in the LED lighting industry. “Because we have defined the power volume, output and interface, it has become a fixed mode. In the future, it will be very easy to replace the color of lamps, lamp holders and even light sources."

"In the future, the intelligentization of digital power supply is mainly manifested in the ability to adapt to changes in the environment, and the second is to combine with people's emotional changes."

Fu Xiaohui said, "I think the future of digital power is very promising."

Finally, Pu Cheng also expressed a similar point of view. He believes that intelligent lighting is the future of the lighting industry. Digital power is the core of intelligent lighting. The form and control method may change, but the product structure based on the driving power supply will not Being eliminated, it will become the mainstream configuration of the future LED lighting market.

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