Analysis of the development trend of microelectronic packaging technology

From the perspective of the development level of devices, the future development trend of packaging technology is: single chip to multi-chip development; planar packaging to three-dimensional packaging; independent chip packaging to system integrated packaging.
In recent years, va

Mulin Forest Jiliang: 2014 Lighting Market "Big Assault"

On April 11, after Guangzhou, Xiamen and Hangzhou, the Zhongshan Station, the fourth station of the 2014 China LED Lighting Supply Chain Good Product Tour Symposium hosted by Gaogong LED, was successfully concluded.

The rapid start-up of

Microsoft Windows XP: Goodbye

Microsoft Windows XP: Goodbye
Microsoft reminds users that after April 8, 2014, Windows XP will no longer provide technical help, including helping to protect the com

Material analysis of traditional energy transmission windows

For traditional alumina, beryllium oxide and other ceramics for energy transmission windows, the traditional molybdenum-manganese metallization process is mostly used. But when applied to small terahertz devices, the process controllability becomes very poor. Select Ti-Mo-Ni thin film m

Super capacitors have super prospects

Supercapacitors can be widely used in different application scenarios such as auxiliary peak power, backup power, storage and regenerative energy, and alternative power supply. They have very broad development in industrial control, wind power generation, transportatio

Broadcom CIO: Forecasting Seven Technology Trends in 2014

If you want to fully understand the power of consumer electronics, you don't have to look around and see Las Vegas' annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In the past four decades, many innovative consumer electronics devices have been the stage

Nine elements of automotive electronic hardware design

There are many branches of automotive electronics. The chassis and engine control direction is biased towards system control. The energy conversion unit is biased toward the optimization of switching power supply and there are more coincidence intervals betw

Case Study of Saudi Riyadh Metro Station

Zaha Hadid Architects won the first place in the Riyadh metro station competition in Saudi Arabia. As part of Riyadh's new public transport system, the subway station is located in the financial district of King Abdullah and will be the transit station for three of the