Experts reveal: Toyota Prius gasoline / electric hybrid car (2)

At the heart of the Prius is the power output device, the planetary gearbox, which couples the electric engine, generator and electric motor together (Figure 6). In a parallel hybrid system, this allows the vehicle to operate independently of the electric motor, or it can be powered indep

Typical Case Development of Single Chip Microcomputer (4)

First, the design of intelligent LED street light controller based on STC microcontroller

Abstract: In order to fully save energy and improve the intelligence of street lamp control system, an intelligent LED street lamp controller based on STC

Discussion on the situation of supplemental light in the current workroom

In intelligent buildings, there are working environments with different natures and different contents. Even if the specific division of labor of the same office space may be different, and considering the influence of physiological and psychological factors, the difference of peop