Fantasy masterpiece "hunters" hit the same name VR game launched

Today, the mysterious fantasy suspense movie “The Spirit of the Hunter of the Spirit” directed by Shen Xiaojie, produced by Guan Xiaojie, Wen Zhuo, and Lou Jiayue, held a press conference in Beijing and announced that the movie will be launched on Septem

Simple persistence - Ganss GK87 mechanical keyboard use comment


If you like to use a mechanical keyboard or go to college five or six years ago, you should watch the DOTA game and watch professional players use mechanical keyboards. However, the lowest entry price of three or four hundred, so that I stay away at that t

When SDN meets NFV virtualization 5G core network

Jia Wenkang, Moderator of Taiwan Institute of Intellectual Property & 5G vEPC Program

From the first generation of mobile communications (1G) to the fourth generation of mobile communications (4G), in terms of wireless access network (RAN) technology, each ge

How to use LCD TV is better?

With the development of science and technology and the continuous updating of smart products, television has also entered the era of LCD. LCD TVs have become an essential entertainment center for every family. The biggest difference from CRT TVs is th