I will be on sale on February 28 next year.

Once the VR girlfriend was exposed, the outside world's attention to it has not been reduced. At present, the I official has finally announced the official release date of the game, just next February 28th. The game content of "V

Which is the best solution for VR helmets to solve myopia problems?

To tell the truth Xiaobian as a myopic eye patient, when playing VR is really inconvenient, wearing glasses is not good, then the current VR helmet design, how to solve the problem of myopia.

A Hai Na Baichuan, there is a tolerance for myopia users to wear thei

Is smart item the future of the smart lighting market?

In the face of the vast intelligent lighting blue ocean market, many companies have laid out. Among them, Shaokun Intelligent started to develop smart products early. Smart products such as Shaokun intelligent language control switch and Shaokun radar sensory adjustabl

VR escape game "I hope you die" is about to land on Oculus Rift

"I Except you to die" is a VR adventure game with the theme of escape. In the game, the players are trapped in a secret room, and they need to find out the decryption method through the clues provided by the room and escape from the secret room.