LS Red Flag Cable Enters Central and South American Market

It was recently learned that the LS Red Flag cable (Leixing Hongqi Cable) successfully won the bid for Ecuador’s National Electric Power Company’s project and provided it with an ACAR overhead conductor with a total length of 840km. This is the r

Linear constant current diode LC1920

LED dedicated wide voltage linear constant current driver (constant current transistor)
The constant current transistor is a device that supplies a constant current to the LED circuit, making the circuit simple, economical, and reliable. LED triodes have a constant current over a range

Overcoming white LED solutions to various problems

In the past, in order to profit from the full white LED beam, the LED industry has developed large-size LED chips to try to achieve the desired goal. However, when the power applied by the white LED continues to exceed 1W, the beam will decrease and the lumi

Southern Power Grid Electric Vehicle Intelligent Charging Station Solution

In order to support an unmanned and widely distributed electric vehicle charging infrastructure, IoT technology will become an indispensable technology. The optical wireless communication technology ROF provides a simple and flexible way for M2M communication and data acquisition of elect