Face-to-face vs. face-to-face vs. Internet TV

In 2014, curved screen televisions such as cyclones began to sweep the market, but are curved screens so beautiful? The editor thinks this is not the case. Even though LCD TVs do not have a sense of embracing, they have a mature technology and good image quality. Howeve

Global smartphone migration, Foxconn Xiaomihua competes in India

Recently, it was reported that Xiaomi has already realized the production and delivery of smartphones in India. It is also the factory of Foxconn, located in Andhra Pradesh. More than Xiaomi, "Xiaohualian" (referring to Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo) will produce th

How do wearable devices stand out?

As the growth rate of smartphones and tablets slows down, wearable devices will become a new growth point in the consumer electronics industry. A variety of smart watches, smart wristbands, smart glasses and other wearable products emerge one after another, and behind

Interpretation of the Apple Watch smart watch behind the cold

The Apple Watch, which was highly anticipated by Apple, was in the cold in the US market. According to a report released by research firm Slice Intelligence, the sales of Apple Watch smart watches have been below 20,000 in the US after a short blowout in the early days

What is the future of smart TV in the development of color TV?

TV, currently defined as a smart TV. However, domestic companies are catering to the market to launch the latest smart TVs, smart TV boxes and so on. Right now, the two major trends in smart TV in 2015 are: the direction of comprehensive intelligence or the new display

The true security of intelligently interconnected IoT edge nodes

The Internet of Things (IOT) has set off one of the biggest technology waves in recent decades. It is expected that by 2015, 50 billion devices will be interconnected to form a network that may cover everything around us. The Internet of Things will span industrial, co