No-power Wi-Fi will drive the development of the Internet of Things

Imagine the future of the IoT world. Watches or other wearable devices can communicate directly with your online profile, store information about your daily activities, and you can access them at any time, without the need for a battery; embedded in your home. The batt

iPad2 accelerates medical device diagnostic grade product portability

iPad2 is on the lookout of Apple fans around the world and is expected to continue to write Apple's legend. In the recent news, the medical community, which did not connect with Apple, also had a relationship with Apple: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ap

Reasons for making "non-smart" LED lights in the era of intelligence

There are more and more LED smart bulbs on the market, and Philips has also launched Hue smart bulbs. In this era of smart homes, one person decided to make a "unsmart" light bulb. He is Bloomberg of Bl inkSunshine.

After graduating from the Physics Department of the University of

How much is the flip chip eutectic LED technology?

In the flip-chip structure, the light is taken out from the sapphire substrate and does not have to be taken out from the current diffusion layer, and the opaque current diffusion layer can be thickened to increase the current density. The bottom of the crystal grain is made of an alloy suc

Analyze the three core technologies of mobile power

The development of mobile Internet requires the support of mobile power. In this field, there are mainly thin film battery technology, piezoelectric material technology and wireless charging technology.

In the era of mobile Internet, a very important part of th

Driver integrated circuit for color PDP display system

In recent years, color PDP technology has continued to advance, and large wall-mounted TVs, HDTVs, and large display devices for multimedia displays using color PDPs are nearing completion. Since 1995, the world's major manufacturers have successively built lines t

How to continue Samsung's glory?

The health status of Samsung’s 75-year-old chairman, Lee Kin Hee, has once again turned red, which has caused the Samsung Group’s successor issue to renew attention.

Although the Samsung Group officially did not announce the successor candidate, L