PLC learning experience

PLC beginners can learn a brand of PLC at the beginning, because all the principles of PLC are similar. If you have mastered a PLC, you can use it just by reading the manual. In the beginning, you can edit some simple ladder diagrams, such as the AND, OR, and output of

Plasma TV self-luminous principle advantages

Plasma TV self-illumination refers to its working principle, and is the best technology to restore natural colors in the current TV display technology. Plasma TVs use a large number of plasma tubes arranged together to form a screen. Each cell corresponding to each pla

Design of new ceramic piezoelectric speaker driver

This article compares traditional moving coil speakers, analyzes the characteristics of new ceramic piezoelectric speakers and the requirements for the required audio power amplifier, compares and analyzes various commonly used boost structures and audio power a

Cloud storage selection question and answer

Cloud storage is now being used in large-scale commercialization, but to successfully and effectively apply these technologies to small and medium-sized enterprises, even large enterprises, manufacturers must provide enterprise-level services.

Where is your dat

Digital media sets the stage

main content:
1. What is 802.11ac?
2. Power amplifier solution suitable for 802.11ac standard
3. TriQuint's WLAN solution
4. Summary of this article

Since its introduction in 1997, the 802.11 wireless area network standard has achieved

New SIM card to monitor children's every move

Last week, Vodafone began offering a service called Bemilo, which allows parents to gain unprecedented control over how their children use mobile phones. Bemilo service monthly fee is 2.95 pounds (about 5 US dollars), using a special SIM card suitable for any mobile ph

Design of TCP / IP Ethernet LCD electronic label system

In recent years, due to the development of e-commerce, the logistics industry has shown the characteristics of popularization of JIT delivery, small batches, multiple varieties, and high-frequency cargo transportation. In actual production operations, the handling of s

HiFi Audio DSP welcomes new partner Audyssey

Santa Clara, California, September 14, 2011 – Tensilica and Audyssey announced today that they are working together to apply Audyssey ’s award-winning audio technology to

Design of video application OSD based on FPGA

In recent years, digital video surveillance systems have been widely used in various fields such as banks, highways, and buildings. In the digital video surveillance system, OSD (On Screen Display) technology is an indispensable part. OSD provides users with a friendly