Analysis of the development of acoustic simulation software

[Audio Network Information] Today, when we design a sound system, whether it is a fixed installation or a performance system, acoustic simulation software is definitely the first tool we need to use. This simple function developed by the academy in the 19

Pre-set optimization of the transportation food site lighting system

1 lighting system power supply scheme

The terminal lighting network voltage is 380V/220V. The terminal low-voltage power supply system generally adopts the radial connection mode. The lighting load (this article refers to the lighting distribution box) is led out by

The closing stage lighting LED of the Universiade is the "leading role"

At 8 o'clock on the evening of August 23, 2011, the closing ceremony of the 26th Universiade was held at the Window of the World in OCT, Shenzhen, China. This closing ceremony became the only closing ceremony in the history of the Universiade outside the stadium and in the open air. The

LED lighting design heat analysis and solution

At present, how to dissipate heat is the core problem in LED product design. Let's take a look at how the heat dissipation problem in LED lighting design should be analyzed and controlled.


Design of Vehicle Vehicle Performance Testing System

Abstract: In order to ensure safe driving and reduce environmental pollution, the vehicle's handling stability, driving stability and environmental protection are tested. The detection system takes the industrial computer and the plug-in data acquisition control board as the core, and

Zhang Hong: Testing starts with LED products

The semiconductor lighting industry is facing a rare historical opportunity. The output of LED packaging and application products in China has accounted for 70% of the world's total. The development of the LED industry is taking advantage o

High efficiency 7.6 V 700 mA isolated LED driver design

First, the design features

1. Accurate primary side constant voltage/constant current controller (CV/CC) eliminates optocoupler and all secondary side CV/CC control circuits, eliminating the need for current sense resistors to achieve maximum efficie