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Recently, KFC's “Soybean Door” and other incidents were exposed, combined with a series of food safety issues such as dyed taro, excessive juice additive, unqualified meat and milk detection, and poisonous bean sprouts, which triggered consumer concerns about food safety. In ord

How to avoid the shackles of the rebate into the home improvement industry

In the process of home decoration, the phenomenon that the home improvement company eats kickbacks has caused many owners to worry. "Because I don't understand the market price, I have suffered a loss on this." Recently, Mr. Zhou, who bought the villa in the Egret Lake Villa, comp

How many kitchen appliances are used?

Pressure cookers, rice cookers, juicers, soya-bean milk makers, microwave ovens, induction cookers... These dazzling small appliances enrich the variety of food and greatly reduce people's labor intensity. But professionals also remind consumers that choosing a small appliance with poor qua

High frequency maintenance and repair

1. When the heat sealing plastic film is not strong, it can be reflected:
a, whether the vibration coil can be loose;
b, whether the input voltage can be too low;
c. Whether the cross-connect capacitor can be broken;
d. The vibration tube is aged or

Innovative components to open a new era in the LED industry

[ High-tech LED News] From June 9 to 12, 2011, the annual Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex. The proportion of LEDs in exhibits and exhibitors continues to be heavy. In re

There are seven guidelines for the use of microwave ovens in home kitchens.

Traditional microwave ovens are generally used to heat meals, but many microwave oven products can not only heat, but also cook a variety of dishes, and are favored by friends with a fast pace of modern life, especially busy white-collar friends. Obviously, using a microwave to heat food, I wil

Use characteristics of high frequency equipment

Application characteristics of high-frequency equipment High-frequency machine is the most inductive heating equipment with the highest heating efficiency, the fastest speed, low energy consumption and environmental protection. The high-frequency machine is called &quo

Structural principle and stress state of high frequency machine

Sheet profiles with low lengths of high frequency machines, as well as channel section parts, are traditionally manufactured in one or two stampings in a dedicated mold. It is also possible to stamp unit by universal tool, but the flat section 3 should be wide enough w

Comprehensive interpretation: Top ten common cabinet door materials

Door panels of different materials lead to huge price differences between cabinets and should be carefully selected. 1. Solid wood type uses solid wood to make cabinet door panels. The style is mostly classical, and the price is usually higher. The door frame is solid wood, mainly cherry wood,