Paper blasting tester / crusher / carton rupture tester

Paper blasting tester / crusher / carton rupture testerHigh sky rupture strength tester / cracker / carton rupture tester Compression strength testing machine, constant temperature and humidity testing box, packaging compression testing machine, stacking testing machi

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Regardless of principle or practice, the advantages of electronic frequency division have been widely recognized. But why is it not widely promoted? I think there are two main reason

Design of Analog Telephone Voice Card in Multimedia Gateway System

Abstract: Introduce the hardware and software design of the analog telephone voice card in the multimedia gateway. An analog telephone voice card design based on the TMS320VC5402 processor, AM79 (SLIC) user line interface chip and AM79Q02 (SLAC) user audio processing c

TDA1514A integrated circuit power IC, rated output power is 40W, the practical circuit is shown in Figure 1. After listening to the installa

Computer hardware failure

1. If the optical drive does not read the disc or the reading capability is not good, do not think that the optical drive is broken. In many cases, the laser beam cannot be fully transmitted because there is much dust on the optical head. The optical drive does not hav