LED COB thermal analysis

The so-called COB package (Chip on Board) means that the LED chip is directly packaged on the substrate. That is to say, N LED chips are bound to a metal substrate or a ceramic substrate to become a new LED light source module. Usually according to the power supply design

52 square meters temperament apartment lighting design

An apartment of 52 square meters, with an old style, elegant colors, or faint ash-gray carpet, or wood-colored floor, or pure white furniture, elegant fruit bowl, full of potted plants The violin at the door, every accessory here seems to be increasing the "temperamen

Driver technology is the key to LED reliability and long life

Under the global trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, LED lighting is highly anticipated, and with the increasing luminous efficiency of high-brightness LEDs in recent years, the unit cost has also declined, prompting high-brightness LED