Haimei Di HD600A three generations full launch 2016 new box classic

Classic is irreplaceable! 2016 Haimedi released a number of new works, including the most popular Haimeidi HD600A three-generation eight-core TV box. This product uses the most mainstream hardware and software on the market. The body is equipped with eight core 64-bit p

Kai Bor C3, Kai Bo C3 ninth generation brush machine [with firmware]

What are the system errors in the ninth generation of the Kaibor C3 and Kaiboer C3? Of course it is a flash, or can also be called upgrade firmware, then open Bor C3 and open Bor C3 ninth generation how to brush it? This is the topic that the author wants to discuss wit

Finally, the quality of the CAN TV high color gamut TV was released.

In the past two years, a lot of new brands have entered the color TV industry, but most of them are taking the route of “low price and high configuration”, especially focusing on the performance of smart hardware such as CPU/GPU, and how much people feel lik

Only one wall away from the dream! Meterless screen TV H1 evaluation

The meterless screen TV H1 supports 3D function, physical resolution of 19201080, brightness of up to 900 Ansi Lumens, and equipped with Harman Kardon audio and bass passive diaphragm, to provide users with the ultimate immersive viewing experience.

On March 23

Kaiboer K610i [Brush tutorial] and brush tool download

How to open the Koror K610i Brush? Under normal circumstances, Kaibol K610i Brush has three common methods, the first is the U disk brush mode, the second is the line brush mode, the third is the card brush machine. Next, the author will give you a demonstration of how

Konka smart TV quality is good or not [detailed analysis]

Which brand of smart TV is better? Of course, Konka is preferred. Some consumers choose smart TVs to look at Konka. Whether it is a 4K smart TV or a 3D smart TV, they all prefer Konka. Which is better with Konka Smart TV? The following Xiao Bian took everyone close to u

Counting drones 8 major main control chips

At CES 2016, major chip makers and equipment manufacturers launched an air battle, making the emerging form of drones a real fire. The reason is that if drones have been positioned in personal consumer applications, it The market capacity is actually very limited, and

How can I use foggy daylights to avoid accidents?

Many cars in the fog are lit up in a mess: low beam, high beam, fog light, double jump light, tail light... all the lights are on. The traffic police introduces you to the common sense of the use of fog lights.

Reminder 1: Do not open the high beam in