China CALiPER project officially launched

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     On March 19th, the China CALiPER project was officially launched at the 5th China LED Industry Theme Summit Forum jointly organized by Gaogong LED and Tianjin Dongli District People's Government. CALiPER is an LED luminaire test project conducted by the US Department of Energy to provide objective data on SSL luminaires for the society and to guide related research and development activities. At present, there is no test project for LED lighting systems in China. In order to promote the healthy development of the industry, Gaogong LED Industry Research Institute decided to jointly launch China's CALiPER project with China Testing and Testing.

Gaogong LED Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said that the current quality of LED lamps in China is uneven, which makes the public unable to correctly understand LEDs. Some of the inferior products of enterprises have tarnished the image of LED light sources in the minds of consumers. We hope to guide the healthy development of the LED industry through a series of testing activities. In addition, many companies currently have exaggerated information in their product specifications, which makes companies that provide real information suffer and even have to follow suit. We hope to curb this behavior through the project.

Hua Sheng test director Li Sheng pointed out that this project is not for profit, we will do it as a social responsibility. The cost of sample purchase and the cost of testing are borne by China Testing, which is included in the cost of corporate social responsibility, and also seeks corporate sponsorship and government funding.

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