Engineering application promotes the development of Chinese lighting

The Chinese economy has begun to recover in an all-round way, and the people's consumption confidence and spending power have continued to grow. This fact is confirmed by the strong rebound in real estate. Since last year, sales of real estate have started to increase, and prices have skyrocketed. Although there is no shortage of speculation and bubbles, it at least proves that investor confidence has increased. The recovery and substantial development of real estate has effectively stimulated the consumption of building materials, soft furnishings and lighting, which undoubtedly created unprecedented favorable conditions for the industry. In particular, the big city pushes the finishing room and restricts the listing of rough houses, which is unprecedented news.

People in the lighting industry should seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop and grow themselves quickly, otherwise the opportunities will be fleeting and regrettable. The bubble of the real estate industry will be concentrated sooner or later, but it is not estimated this year; the state’s macroeconomic regulation and control of the real estate industry will come sooner or later, but it is still not this year. Because the real estate industry is ultimately a civilian production industry, the government is unlikely to make it too illusory; but for the stability of the economic environment at this stage, the state will not have major regulation for the time being, at least this year. The real estate industry is advancing steadily, and the lighting and lighting industry is not taking advantage of the development. When is it waiting?

Of course, the lighting industry's good luck in 2010 is not just because of a factor in the real estate industry, but more importantly, the steady recovery of the domestic economy and the continuous investment in infrastructure construction, all of which will cause a chain reaction in the industry. The Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Olympic Games have injected a lot of water into the development of the lighting industry: According to the Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, in terms of efficient lighting, the Expo “One Axis and Four Pavilions” looks magnificent during the day and is more beautiful at night because it All are illuminated with LED semiconductors. More than 80% of the Expo venues use LEDs, making it the world's largest concentrated production area for LEDs. It is said that only Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting has won a large order of 58 million Expo venues.

In 2010, the Guangzhou Asian Games will use 70 venues, including 12 new venues and 58 renovation venues. The new and renovated venues have been completed at the end of 2009, and the trial operation was handed over in March 2010. The Asian Games Organizing Committee divides lighting engineering products into seven categories: road lighting, fire emergency lighting, indoor lighting, light source, outdoor landscape lighting and floodlighting, sports lighting, and intelligent lighting control systems. The qualified suppliers of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games lighting project are TCL Lighting, Philips, General Electric, Thorne, Nine Buddha, NVC, Yaming, Matsumoto, Honeywell Langen and other well-known brands at home and abroad. These brands have become the qualified suppliers of lighting projects in the Guangzhou Asian Games with their own strength and brand influence. In the Beijing Olympic lighting project, the strength and market reputation of Philips, General Electric, Schneider Electric, NVC and other lighting brands have been verified. This time, it has once again become a supplier of venues for the Guangzhou Asian Games, and also its brand strength and influence. Recognition. The manufacturers of the intelligent lighting control system for the Guangzhou Asian Games were: Guangzhou ABB, Australia Bunge Electronics, Schneider Electric, Matsushita Electric, Guangzhou Aimel Electronics, Huizhou Hager Electric, Guangzhou Hedong Electronics. According to the Guangzhou Key Public Project Construction Management Office, domestic and foreign lighting companies attach great importance to this tender, and all enterprises have sent the strongest lineup to participate in this bidding work, and the bidding is very intense. There is no doubt that the Guangzhou Asian Games venue is also a big project that is eye-catching. (Edit: Led Fish)

Bi Directions Thyristor (Triac) is equivalent to the antiparallel connection of two unidirectional thyristors, but only one control pole.
Bidirectional thyristors are made of N-P-N-P-N five-layer semiconductor materials, and three electrodes are also derived from the outside. Its structure is shown in the figure. Bi-directional thyristor volt-ampere characteristic curve Since the forward and reverse characteristics of the bidirectional thyristor are symmetrical, it can be turned on in any direction and is an ideal AC switching device.

Bi Directions Thyristor (Triac)

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