Jiangmen road uses LED lights to light up the annual electricity saving fee of more than one million yuan

From May onwards, the streetlights in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province will implement energy-saving renovation through lighting renovation, installation of intelligent power-saving cabinets, and single-lamp energy-saving technologies. After the energy-saving renovation, urban street lights can save electricity costs of more than 1.4 million yuan per year.

At present, the street lighting source in Jiangmen City has diversified. Only the street lamps and landscape lights in the Pengjiang and Jianghai districts have reached more than 35,200 gongs. The annual electricity bill for street lamps and landscape lighting exceeds 12 million yuan. The renovation plan will combine the current situation of street lighting network and street lighting facilities in the main urban areas of Pengjiang and Jianghai, and adopt four ways to transform: install intelligent power-saving cabinets to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction; 27 power points for 19 roads in urban areas, The single-lamp energy-saving renovation of the sodium lamp with a power of 150W or more; the renovation of the existing street lamp facilities to improve the road illumination and energy saving; the LED lighting products and the electrodeless lamp pilot on the newly built urban roads.

It is understood that in this transformation, Jiangmen will complete the installation or transformation of high-power LED street lamps 10,000 在 in the city. The person in charge of the municipal department of Jiangmen City Comprehensive Management Bureau said that in addition to the renovation of some street lamps that do not meet the requirements for energy-saving lighting in the urban area, the new street lights in the new and reconstructed roads in Jiangmen City LED lights will be used.

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