Vistamaxx launched the industry's first industrial-grade long card with Intel 852GME chipset—

Vectron launched the industry's first industrial-grade long card with Intel 852GME chipset-ROCKY-6160

The international industrial computer and network application equipment manufacturer, ICP (IEI) took the lead in adopting Intel's new 852GME system chipset, and launched the multi-functional high-transmission efficiency P4 full-length industrial-grade CPU card Rocky-6160. It supports P4 Prescott and P4-M two different process CPUs. The external frequency can reach up to 533MHz. Rocky-6160 features low power consumption, supports low voltage screen (LVDS), and has LCD / CRT dual display function, which shocks the industry. The versatile Rocky-6160 supports DDR 266/333 SDRAM memory, integrates dual network ports, AGP 4X graphics acceleration controller, high-speed USB2.0 interface, SATA, and audio functions, and has Intel ’s 5-year supply guarantee, which is worthy of each Industry users have long trusted. Undoubtedly, Rocky-6160 is set to become a new mainstream representative of high specifications and high performance in the industrial computer industry.
The industry's first Intel 852GME + ICH5 chip industrial long card Intel 852GME chipset is optimized for mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor, using 533MHZ system bus, and high-speed DDR 333/266 memory up to 2 GB, and supports memory check function. The Intel 852GME chipset uses Intel? Extreme Graphics 2 (Intel Extreme Graphics 2) technology, which can bring vivid and vivid 3-dimensional effects of high-definition images; it also has an AGP4X interface, supporting more than 1 GB / s Graphic bandwidth interface, which can display high-quality 2D and 3D graphics and video streams.
In addition to the Intel 852GME chipset supporting P4 / P4-M CPU, its 5-year ultra-long product supply period guarantees the reliability of the customer's customized products. Its highlight is the support of 48-bit LCD / CRT dual-channel LVDS display output. The future development trend is LVDS with strong anti-interference ability and strong driving ability. Its transmission mileage can reach 15 meters away. Support for Serial ATA has been added, providing two Serial ATA 1.0 interfaces with a peak rate of 150MB / s. The SERIAL ATA function makes the onboard speed faster and supports hot swap function. ROCKY-6160's unique USB2.0 function can provide an efficient host-side controller with a data transmission speed of up to 480Mb per second. It has extraordinary performance and is the most economical choice for system integrators and industrial control manufacturers.

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