What are the purposes of Google’s large-scale acquisition of the robot industry mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad?

In 2013, China surpassed Japan to become the world's largest industrial robot consumer market, accounting for 20.5% of global sales; in 2014, China's market sales reached 56,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 54%, accounting for about a quarter of the world; in 2015, The sales volume in the Chinese market exceeded 75,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 36.6%. One out of every three robots sold in the world was sold to China.

In recent years, not only the demand, but also the development of the global robot industry, especially the investment and mergers and acquisitions of the robot industry chain, has been more enthusiastic. China, the United States, Japan and other countries have invested a large amount of real money and silver, and carried out various forms of cooperation to promote the development of these robotics.

Domestic market

- Sunflower Investment Verdes Keller

The company signed an investment cooperation agreement with Ningbo Verdes Keller on January 15, 2014, and has paid a performance bond of 8 million yuan to it. The company has the right to participate in the stock.

In view of the fact that Ningbo Verdes Keller has not yet fully achieved its production in 2015, its net profit for 2015 has not reached the agreed profit, but the company is optimistic about the development of the robot industry and the prospects of Ningbo Verdes Keller technology and talents. During the negotiation, the company and Ningbo Verdes Keller signed the “Equity Investment Agreement” on January 15, 2016, with a shareholding of 2%, which was followed by the performance of the target company.

——Superstar Technology is a national robot

Superstar Technology announced on the evening of October 14, 2014 that the company and the shareholder of Hangzhou Weiming Investment Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhejiang Guozi Robotics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “National Robot”), signed on October 13, 2014. In the form of “Zhejiang Guozi Robot Technology Co., Ltd. Capital Increase Agreement”, the company invested RMB 41.419 million in cash in the form of capital increase and shareholding, adding 9.7 million yuan of registered capital, accounting for 26.94% of the registered capital.

According to reports, the country's main robots are intelligent service robots, intelligent systems, electrical automation equipment, computers, electronic computer equipment and so on. As of June 30, 2014, the total amount of robotic assets of the country was 35.966 million yuan, and the net assets were 21,176,900 yuan. In 2013 and the first half of 2014, its revenue was 16.791 million yuan and 11.84 million yuan, respectively, and the net profit was 3,282,700. Yuan, 703,300 yuan.

Superstar Technology said that the capital increase from the robot has laid a good foundation for the company to transform and upgrade the intelligent and automation fields. It also conforms to the company's development strategy and development direction, and will have a positive impact on the company's sustainable development.

Hangzhou Juxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, production and sales of medium and high-end hand tools, power tools and other tool hardware products. It is one of the largest, highest technology and most channel leading enterprises in the domestic tool hardware industry. It is also the largest hand tool company in Asia and the top six in the world. In the first half of 2014, companies began to intervene in the robot automation business.

—— Yawei shares and Kuq subsidiary Muse establish joint venture subsidiary

Yawei Co., Ltd. announced on the evening of June 23, 2014 that in order to accelerate the pace of entering the industrial robot business, the company will use part of the super-raised funds to cooperate with German Reis company in robot business joint venture and technology licensing. On June 24, the company will formally sign the "Joint Venture Agreement", the technology licensing master agreement and the package agreement in Yangzhou, China and the German Muse Machinery Manufacturing Company ("Reis"). The name of the joint venture company is "Yaweiwei". Robot Manufacturing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.".

Authorized by the German KUKA Robot Group ("Kuka"), Reis licenses the technology required for the production of a full range of linear robots and horizontal articulated robots to Yawei, and Yawei shares pays the license fee for the above-mentioned licensed technology. 6.11 million euros (including tax), both parties agreed to sublicense the Yawei shares to the joint venture company to manufacture and assemble the licensed products; both parties agreed to establish a joint venture company with a cash contribution of 5 million euros, of which Yawei shares invested 2.55 million euros in cash. (equivalent to RMB 11.35 million), holding 51% of the joint venture company; Reis invests 2.45 million euros in cash, holding 49% of the joint venture company, a total of 8.661 million euros will be used for the above matters.

In addition to manufacturing and selling a full range of licensed linear robots and horizontal multi-joint robots, the joint venture company will develop, manufacture and sell other robot products according to market demand, including the development and production of various specialized robot technology products required for Yawei's machine tool automation production line. According to the agreement, the joint venture company produces linear robots and horizontal articulated robots for the Asian market. The sellers are KUKA Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("Kuka China"), Muse Robot (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. ("Reis China"), and Yawei.

Yawei shares said that the joint venture and technology licensing cooperation with Reis, a company controlled by Kuka, the world's top robot manufacturer, marks the official entry of Yawei into the robot business. The application of propulsion robots in the field of forming machine tool automation will accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of Yawei's main business.

——Kangli Elevator acquired the assets related to Ziguang Youlan Robot

On December 16, 2014, Kangli Elevator Co., Ltd. and Beijing Ziguang Youlan Robot Technology Co., Ltd. signed the “Increase Agreement” and “Equity Transfer Agreement”. Kangli Elevator plans to invest RMB 53.30 million in cash to participate in the equity transfer. Ziguang Youlan, of which 40 million yuan was used to increase the capital of Ziguangyoulan, and 13.3 million yuan was used to transfer the amount of Ziguangyoulan held by Ziguang Co., Ltd. to 142.85 million yuan. After the completion of the capital increase transfer, the company holds a 40% stake in Ziguang Youlan, and Ziguang Youlan will become Beijing Kangli Youlan Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Although Ziguang Youlan is not profitable for the time being, Kangli Elevator values ​​the development prospects of the intelligent robot industry.

If its 2016 performance commitment is realized, Kangli Elevator promises to acquire the remaining equity of the company based on the net profit value of the year at a price-to-earnings ratio of no more than 17 times; if Ziguang Youlan achieved a net profit of less than RMB 10 million in 2016, It promised to repurchase Kangli Elevator to hold the entire shareholding of Ziguang Youlan, and to pay the company an interest of 8% per annum.

——Huazhong CNC M&A and restructuring Jiangsu Jinming

Huazhong CNC announced on the evening of September 2, 2015 that the company intends to purchase 100% of the shares of Jiangsu Jinming Industrial Robot Automation Co., Ltd. held by the six counterparties, including Zhang Ying and Wen Bi, by issuing shares and paying cash. The transaction consideration is 280 million yuan. The company intends to issue matching funds to no more than five other eligible investors, and the total supporting funds shall not exceed RMB 125 million. The issue price of the assets purchased for the issuance of shares was adjusted to 26.36 yuan / share.

Jiangsu Jinming is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of glass machinery and equipment and the design and development of robotic body and robot system integration applications. In recent years, it has increased the research and development and market development of industrial robot body and robot system integration applications, and gradually developed into automation special equipment. Suppliers of industrial robot bodies, robotic systems integration applications, etc., provide automated, intelligent integrated solutions for customers in multiple industries.

After the completion of the merger and acquisition, Huazhong CNC and Jiangsu Jinming will achieve better synergy in operation management, technology, capital and platform to achieve market complementarity.

——Ios 52.5 million acquisition of Songsheng robot

On June 13, Ioos issued a plan for the increase. The company plans to acquire 70% of the shares of Shanghai Songsheng Robot System Co., Ltd. held by Liu Xiaojun, Li Qiang and Guo Yijia by issuing shares and paying cash. The transaction price is 52.5 million yuan.

Ios 52.5 million acquisition of Songsheng robot

The specific plan is that the company plans to increase the price of 9.77 yuan to Liu Xiaojun, Li Qiang and Guo Yijia, respectively, to 2.409 million shares, 14.294 million shares, and 245,000 shares, totaling about 4,083,900 shares, and the shares are worth 39.9 million yuan. In addition, it also paid 12.6 million yuan in cash.

The enterprise library shows that Ios is a leading domestic manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of logistics and warehousing equipment and solutions. Its brand is loved by global users and obtained the qualified supplier qualification of CNNC in 2014. The company specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of light handling vehicles and electric storage vehicles. The main product lines include manual and electric pallet trucks, manual and electric stackers, platform trucks, aerial work platforms and other peripheral industrial equipment.

Songsheng Machine is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of complete sets of equipment for robots in various fields of application. It provides customers with development services for robot application systems and complete factory automation solutions including equipment and application systems.

Songsheng Machine can develop and produce robot body products, including large-load three-axis linear robots, etc., to provide customers with robot-related non-standard equipment, as well as a series of integration including design, 3D simulation, installation, programming and technical support. Services can solve the needs of robotic applications in production, packaging, warehousing, etc., and are widely used in tobacco, automotive glass, photovoltaic production, new energy vehicles, machine tool management.

Ios said that Songsheng Robot has rich experience in the field of robot system integration and can solve warehousing logistics. The application requirements of robots in many industries such as automobile manufacturing and photovoltaic production will help the two parties achieve synergy in the field of intelligent warehousing, further provide technical prerequisites for expanding other businesses in the field of industrial intelligence, and create new profits for the company. growth point.

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