Intel is not far behind, is crazy to "buy to buy" | AI Technology Review Weekly

Intel can't sit still.

The field of artificial intelligence is now booming. Many giants have joined the battlefield and are actively carrying out future plans.

Giants compete to bet on artificial intelligence. Who should I look at in the next decade?

It's hard to say exactly where the artificial intelligence (AI) goes along, but with Google, Facebook, and Google making big strides in the field, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have been calling for The AI ​​research is regulated and monitored, and the topics related to it will definitely continue to be debated vigorously.

Even traditional oil companies such as Shell started using artificial intelligence customer service. In this market, I think it's great to think about it.

But Intel Europe is a company that specializes in manufacturing CPUs. Compared with GPUs, CPUs have a huge natural disadvantage in the development and training of deep learning. This is a consensus in the industry. How can you let such a large, even a Representing the future market?

Intel silently breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately the brother has money.

The acquisition of Altera was the news of last year. At that time, AlphaGo had not yet come out of this file, but it was not true that Intel had acquired a relationship between Altera and AI. I do not believe it. However, recently Intel has acquired several companies and increased its investment in the AI ​​field.

Intel bought Nervana, but what's the magic of DPU?

Intel acquired deep learning chip company Nervana Systems, and Movidius, a mobile and embedded machine learning company, to focus on deep learning in the future. All that Intel does is to upgrade the layout of the data flow (DPU) architecture for deep learning.

Not only this company, Intel also bought another computer vision company Movidius.

Intel Acquires Movidius to Advance in Computer Vision

Movidius was founded in 2006 by Sean Mitchell and David Moloney. What he did early was to turn old movies into 3D movies and make content for the 3D TV market. Later, the company began to develop chips for 3D rendering and began to be used in computer vision applications. Many technology companies have worked with Movidius, including giants such as Google, DJI, and Lenovo.

The AI ​​threshold is high and difficult, and it is a long-term investment undertaking. However, Intel’s strength has allowed them to quickly adapt to the rhythm of AI research. In addition to buying and buying, Intel has also begun to publish some of its own research results. This one:

Intel China Institutes latest achievements in deep learning - "dynamic surgery" algorithm

Intel China Research Institute recently proposed a neural network compression algorithm called “dynamic surgery” that effectively solved the problem of long retraining time and high false-pruning rate when dealing with large networks. The algorithm can easily compress the total amount of parameters of the two classic networks, LeNet and AlexNet, by 108 times and 17.7 times, respectively. It has gained extensive attention from the industry and highly appraised by domestic and foreign experts.

All the way to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy ugg boots, Intel finally in the field of artificial intelligence to kill a blood, but in the face of NVIDIA has long been in the field of parallel computing, deep learning and other fields, as well as Google, Microsoft and other giants like to self-developed chip, Intel has the odds ? And let us bless it to continue the glory that has led the development of computers in the past decades.

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