Is it worthwhile to use IoT values? Where are the hidden dangers of Internet of Things technology?

Since 2014, major technology companies have been involved in the Internet of Things, including Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Intel and other technology giants, the Internet of Things is like a raging flame, everyone is rushing to burn more vigorously. In the eyes of Internet of Things veterans, the development of the Internet of Things is gradually improving the way companies produce.

The scenario of the full implementation of the Internet of Things is very good, but it is very difficult to implement. It involves many obstacles to the widespread application of software and hardware in all aspects of platform docking, device iteration, data computing and so on. According to a report released by an authoritative research institute, in the future, the Internet of Things will have higher requirements for technology and network connectivity, and these are important directions for the development of the Internet of Things.

Big data and internet of things technology

What are the advantages of the Internet of Things?

From traditional concepts to smart production

Internet of Things technology has many uses, including intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, intelligent fire protection, industrial monitoring, elderly care, personal health, flower cultivation, water monitoring, food traceability, enemy investigation and intelligence gathering. Fields.

As far as the ecological environment is concerned, the application of smart agriculture changes the agricultural environment. The Internet of Things regards the production units such as farmland, livestock farms, aquaculture bases and surrounding ecological environments as a whole, and through its material exchange and energy cycle relationship. System, precision calculation, to ensure that the ecological environment of agricultural production is within the acceptable range, such as quantitative fertilization will not cause soil eutrophication, the discharged livestock manure will not cause water and air pollution, but can cultivate soil composition, etc. , to achieve intelligent management of visual remote diagnosis, remote control, disaster warning, etc.

Big data and internet of things technology

For the future application direction of the Internet of Things, energy saving and emission reduction is undoubtedly a major line of development of the Internet of Things. For chemical fertilizer plants, the parameters of additives and nutrients, particle strength, transparency, color difference, moisture and other parameters can only rely on the station. The experience of the personnel, the use of additives has no data record, can not effectively supervise the company's assets, through industrial IoT applications, equipment applications become intelligent, through the IoT platform to achieve monitoring and reverse control, through the big data to digitize the expertise of auxiliaries It can make materials input, operation, maintenance, management cost lower, efficiency higher, and gradually realize unattended.

In the future, through big data, enterprise equipment business data interoperability, data on the equipment network platform is obtained from network connections (including switching, routing, wireless access, embedded network hardware), to cloud computing services (data collection, storage and Analysis) Gradually experience digitization, thereby developing a green economy and energy conservation and emission reduction, and is more in line with China's production requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Where are the hidden dangers of IoT applications?

Although there have been many practical applications for the emergence of the Internet of Things, at present, there is no real breakthrough in technology. The large-scale emergence of IoT technologies and applications in the country, especially from industrial-level technologies and government needs, is still far away. Taking data processing as an example, the problems of slow data uploading, inaccurate analysis, and large errors are not uncommon, and these problems have exposed the lack of core technologies of Chinese enterprises.

However, Chinese enterprises are currently at the edge of industrial 2.0 and 3.0, and the level of cost control, production efficiency and process management are relatively low, and the space for improvement is still large. The infrastructure and maintenance costs of various cloud and large servers are high, and then the network security and privacy issues are designed. When the surrounding objects and devices are connected into a large intelligent network, although their data provides a lot of convenience, it may There is a risk of leakage of personal privacy, business data, and device data.

On the one hand, the public cloud of the market can provide users with the use of cloud storage information, but its core attribute is shared resources, device data and business data are not separated, so that the access platform can obtain two copies of data at the same time. Or when a network attack occurs, it is inevitable that a loophole will occur. The IoT's private cloud platform is not only an integrated data processing hub, but also compatible with various types of function adapters, effectively coping with the data exchange required by various application systems, and directly separating device data from commercial data. To ensure data security.

Big data and internet of things technology

In this big data open platform, the application of the Internet of Things still needs more comprehensive conditions and a more open development atmosphere. Although some technical applications may involve security issues such as privacy, Xiaobian believes that we are enjoying the Internet of Things. At the same time of convenience, enterprises and governments will actively make all-round efforts for the development of the Internet of Things.

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