Five ministries jointly issued a document: it is strictly forbidden to use shoddy robots

The China National Certification and Accreditation Administration (hereinafter referred to as the “National Certification and Accreditation Administration”) revealed that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Certification and Accreditation, and the National Standards Committee jointly issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Robot Testing and Certification System” on the 3rd. 》 (hereinafter referred to as ""Opinions"). In the future, a product quality traceability system, a credit file for corporate products, and a “blacklist” system will be established. Zhou Jinyu, chairman of Shanghai Hofu Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. told the Shanghai Securities Journal that the release of the document meant that the country began to systematically regulate the development of the artificial intelligence industry. "This is a very important signal."

Who is the standard of certification?

The "Opinions" consists of fourteen articles, covering the four aspects of the establishment of the robot inspection and certification system, the construction of the standard system, the construction of the certification platform and the development of certification. The "Opinions" first elaborated on the market-oriented principles for the construction of robot inspection and certification system: unified management, joint implementation, government guidance, and market operation. The five ministries and commissions will make overall planning and management, and set up a collaborative inspection and certification group for robot inspection and certification consisting of government departments, industry associations, inspection and testing institutions, and enterprises to coordinate the work related to robot inspection and certification.

In the construction of the standard system, the "Opinions" are recommended based on national standards, industry standards, confirmed group standards and certification technical specifications. The National Standards Commission encourages technical institutions, enterprises and other relevant parties to actively participate in the formulation and revision of national standards, industry standards and international standards.

It is worth noting that group standards will become the focus of the standard system. At the "China Robot Industry Promotion Conference (CRIC2016)" held earlier, Song Xiaogang, vice president of the China Robot Industry Alliance, said that group standards are a relatively new thing and the general direction of the future standard system reform. It is reported that the group standards are jointly developed by leading companies in the industry led by the China Robotics Industry Alliance. Seventeen standards are being compiled. Three standards for filling robots, welding robots and robotic cables have been released at CRIC2016.

More importantly, in Song Xiaogang's view, the participation of industry-leading companies has made the group standards have a benchmark effect, and further strengthens the self-discipline behavior of enterprises, and guides the continuous improvement of products and industry levels, which will become a driving force for Chinese robots and An important means of industrial upgrading. The "Opinions" proposes to encourage robotic testing and testing activities in the form of voluntary alliances. It is reported that as one of the six important tasks of the National Robot Testing and Evaluation Center (hereinafter referred to as the “National Evaluation Center”), the robot inspection and certification is organized and implemented in the form of “Robot Detection and Certification Alliance”.

Establish quality traceability system

In view of the construction of the robot inspection and certification platform, the "Opinions" proposes to establish and improve the industrial robot and service robot machine and key parts inspection and certification platform, and encourage the research and certification service innovation of the frontier field inspection and certification technology.

At the same time, the "Opinions" proposed to establish a robotic inspection and certification information platform. The platform uniformly publishes relevant policies and regulations, certification results and acceptance of information, provides a list of integrity of certification bodies, inspection and testing institutions, robot manufacturers and award-winning products, establishes product quality traceability systems, and credit files from certification bodies to enterprise products and “ Blacklist system, etc., and the relevant credit system is incorporated into the national credit information sharing platform to the public; promoting the use of certification results in fiscal special projects, financial credit, tax reduction, major engineering and other policies, guiding enterprises to apply for certification, leading the market Credit certificate.

According to the "Opinions", robot certification is implemented step by step and is expanding according to market demand and technological progress. The existing robot inspection and certification system covers industrial robots and service robots (including complete machine products, key components, software and systems). At this stage, priority is given to the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of industrial robots and personal/commercial service robots. Certification.

It is reported that in the inspection and certification of industrial robots, according to the "Standard Conditions for Industrial Robot Industry" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has proposed four tasks: carrying out robotic certification, evaluation of key component devices and system integration, and testing equipment in the production process of robots. Calibration and calibration of robot factory inspection equipment, supervision and inspection of enterprise products, and key job training for enterprises.

In terms of specific implementation, in accordance with the principle of combining overall promotion with step-by-step implementation, the National Evaluation Center and the Robot Testing and Certification Alliance have formulated specific work plans and proposed implementation plans: in 2016, key component certification and industrial robot testing and certification were carried out. In 2017, the evaluation of robot system integration was carried out. Correspondingly, the company should complete the calibration and reporting of all test equipment in 2016 and the employee job skills training in 2017.

Internet of Things

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