A touch of orange in the white - Yuemi mechanical keyboard

Yuemi mechanical keyboard is not a company owned by Xiaomi, but it is still on the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform, Mijia Mall. There is still an unclear relationship with Xiaomi. These are not what we want to look at, or whether we must have a good product. This is the truth.

This time, I was fortunate enough to be drawn by Aunt Zhang in this test product. I also expressed my opinion here.


The official saying that Yuemi is Xiaomi's ecological chain company, and this time Zhang Aunt's package is not as good as it used to be. It is sealed on both sides of the package with tape, and the carton just surrounds the keyboard. It feels a little rough.

After the dismantling, it is the packaging box of Yuemi mechanical keyboard. A plastic film is attached to the outside of the box. The design of the box is very simple. The front is the product diagram of the keyboard of Yuemi mechanical, and the others are gone.

The basic information on the back of the package Wyatt Rice mechanical keyboard is 87 keys as well as including the keyboard and USB cable.

When you open the box, you will see the use of the Yuemi mechanical keyboard manual, and the keyboard is covered by a plastic hard shell.

Two products

The contents of the package are very simple: the keyboard, USB cable, and the instruction manual. Since the keyboard of the rice mechanical keyboard is used, the mode of the line separation is more portable.

As the 87-key mechanical keyboard size is not very big only 358mm*128mm*31mm, because the base is a material component of the aluminum alloy is a little enough, there are 950g, fighting is definitely enough

Yuemi mechanical keyboard is entirely white, 87 keys, with ABS material keycap, but for this resin material, I still do not like it a bit, in the case of the base are aluminum alloy material, why not do the keycap also done Fine point with the same material.

The base is made of aluminum alloy. The surface treatment is almost the same as the previous iPad. The surface is frosted, the metal texture and feel are all good.

There are 2 non-slip mats on the bottom and 2 brackets. The brackets are up to 6° in angle. The official said it is more ergonomic, but I didn't feel it. There is no difference between typing and the previous keyboard.

Bottom laser carving has a model of Yuemi mechanical keyboard, and product information, said to be Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise.

Yuemi mechanical keyboard uses a keyboard and line separation mode, and the interface is similar to Android's interface, and USB is similar. The length of the line is about 1.6 meters, completely meet the usual use.

Three product details

I don't like it very much for the font of the Yuemi keyboard. It looks a bit simple but it doesn't work. For that number, it's a good number. It has to be separated. It looks awkward.

From the front of the keyboard, you will find that each keycap of the keyboard has a certain arc, and you feel more fit to your fingers, because your fingers are also curved instead of flat.

At the beginning of the design, the TTC shaft body was biased toward the Cherry shaft body, and the hand experience was also biased towards the Cherry shaft body. The TTC shaft was used by many keyboard manufacturers, such as Logitech, Razer and Lenovo notebook makers. There is use. However, the main axis of the keyboard used by the Wymi mechanical keyboard is the red axis, and the black axis used by the space key is due to the long space bar, and the use of the satellite axis is used for fixation, and the black axis has a better hand feeling than the red axis. Heavy, it also reduces the false touch. The satellite axis is used in addition to the space bar, as well as the Enter and shift keys.

The letters of the keycaps are made of PC material, good light transmission, and surface frosting to prevent the fingers from sweating and slipping. Just inside the film treatment there is no outside good.

Four lights

Compared to the cool lighting of other mechanical keyboards, the lighting of the Yuemi mechanical keyboard is somewhat monotonous. Only the brightness of the light can be adjusted, the color cannot be selected, and there is no light conversion.

The light is emitted by a lamp bead, the light reflected by the keyboard is also the light, but the design without a breathing lamp always feels no bright spots. The capitalization key, win window key, and SL key can be adjusted to orange to add a bit of charm.

to sum up

Compared with the price of 299, the same price, the price is OK. The advantage of Yuemi mechanical keyboard lies in the aluminum alloy material used in the base. It is durable and the design of the keycap model is easier to use when it is used. However, due to the use of the TTC shaft body, the stability is not good and the shaking is a bit large. The combination of the satellite axis and the space bar is too tight to be afraid of breaking the axis and space bar. Can change the keycap into aluminum alloy material, introduce different versions to meet different people, there is a light can be designed as a breathing light mode, use APP to design according to different habits to design the keyboard, there is Because the keyboard is 87 keys, there is no numeric keypad that can be used to switch the keyboard to add a numeric keypad, just like a notebook.

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