Another highlight of the 10th anniversary of Konka's mobile phone creation at this high-tech fair

On November 16, the 11th China International High-Tech Fair (referred to as the High-Tech Fair) opened in Shenzhen. As the leading brand of consumer electronics in China, Konka Group has brought together a number of business divisions including multimedia, communication, digital network and life appliances to form a luxury lineup. In the well-arranged pavilion of Konka, from the ultra-thin LED flat-panel TV with integrated TV function to the emerging 3G concept mobile phone, it shows the innovative research and development achievements and leading technical strength of Konka Group in the field of consumer electronics.

Continue to lead the market

"This exhibit includes more than 20 new flat-panel TVs, including LED TV, Internet TV, and energy-saving TV, which are newly developed by Konka this year, covering various specifications from 32 inches to 55 inches." President of Konka Multimedia Marketing Division Mu Just introduced to the reporter.

The reporter saw at the scene that a Konka e-LED88 series flat-panel TV, which is known as the “2009 LCD TV Almighty King”, attracted many visitors to stop. It is understood that this TV set "LED backlight, super network, energy saving, ground digital" in one, is China's first LED TV products with home connectivity. It can be said that Konka e-LED88 series has assembled the most advanced TV functions on the market, and its ultra-narrow 1.99cm border and network interconnection function represents the development direction of TV 4C integration. At the same time, the e-LED88 series introduced the IVRIV color vision solution to improve the color TV color technology, and the first time the color wheel technology was implanted, which made the flat panel TV picture quality reach the global leading level.

According to Konka staff, in addition to the functional collection, at the 2009 IFA International Consumer Electronics Show held in Berlin, Germany, Konka e-LED88 series flat-panel TV also won the IFA with the world's top design level with its unique design. 2009 Industrial Design Gold Award." The stunning performance of the e-LED88 series has enabled Konka to take the lead in this year's hot LED panel market.

As the innovation leader of the tablet industry, Konka also exhibited the first future concept products such as TV sets with a thickness of 7mm or less, power network TVs with power line transmission network signals, embroidered TVs, and fruit-flavored TVs. Shows a comprehensive and deep technical reserve.

According to Konka staff, the first TV set with a thickness of less than 7mm in China adopts the LED backlight technology of Konka's completely independent intellectual property rights, featuring high brightness and high uniformity, and the image color effect is more beautiful than ordinary TV. Another power network TV uses power line transmission network signal technology, which can be plug and play, and has an automatic network structure, automatic node sensing and installation, automatic judgment of grid transmission quality, high transmission rate and other humanized design.

Ten years of grinding a sword

"This year coincides with the 10th anniversary of Konka's mobile phone creation. The mobile phone product is another highlight of Konka's presentation at this high-tech fair." The head of Konka Communication Technology told reporters at the exhibition.

After 10 years of development, Konka mobile phone has long been the mainstay in the domestic mobile phone market. In this high-tech fair, Konka Mobile has exhibited more than 20 new products in various series, including conceptual design, 3G experience, intelligent navigation and high-definition video decoding. It has become another focus point in the conference. .

The reporter found at the venue that the biggest feature of Konka's mobile phone display is that each mobile phone is both “all-rounder” and “one-of-a-kind”. For example, the collar 驭 V903 has three advantages: HD CMMB mobile digital TV, 2.8 Mbps 3G mobile broadband network and compatible with GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA three wireless networks, user-friendly design makes the V903 the most popular business phone on the market.

In addition, Konka exhibited the world's first dual-OS smartphone V12, which has also attracted a lot of visitors. It is understood that with ultra-high hardware configuration and six years of software development, Konka V12 can support both Google Android system and Microsoft WM system, which can be described as both fish and bear's paw, meeting the diverse needs of many smartphone enthusiasts. At present, this mobile phone has been fully introduced to the terminal market.

New business comprehensive attack

The reporter found on the scene that domestic appliance giant Konka is not only a traditional color TV and mobile phone manufacturer, but also the emerging businesses such as home appliances, digital set-top boxes and LED displays that Konka has been working on in recent years have begun to attract everyone's attention.

The on-site staff showed the reporter a Konka air purifier that had just won the German “iF Product Design Award”. The product's slim body shape, intuitive handle design, and intuitive and streamlined interface are designed to reflect the combination of technology and humanity. At the same time, the sleek shape of the product is easy to combine with the home environment, showing the design concept of technology family.

It is understood that Konka has exhibited nearly 20 life electrical products, more than 10 digital set-top box products and the domestic leading P6 ultra-high-pixel LED display in this high-tech fair. The new products are shining, making Konka booth the most high-tech fair. One of the eye-catching sights.

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