The 2nd LED Drive Technology Seminar will be held in Shenzhen on October 21-22

The "Second "LED General Lighting Drive Technology Seminar" hosted by Big Bit Information Agency will be held at Marco Polo Shenzhen, and will be held on October 21-22 for two days.

As governments around the world attach great importance to semiconductor lighting, the LED lighting industry has become a high-growth market in the world. However, LED lighting technology is relatively immature, and problems such as cost, safety and stability are urgent problems to be solved. In line with the development needs of the industry, the "Second "LED General Lighting Drive Technology Seminar" was held with the enthusiastic support and attention of engineers from China's large and small lighting and power companies. It is learned from the staff of the organizing committee of the organizer that there are currently more than 600 companies participating in the conference. It is expected that the conference will reach 1,200 people on the day of the conference. It is well-known for OSRAM, Philips, NVC, Lide, Langeng, Foshan Lighting, etc. Lighting companies have all signed up for the conference.

According to the meeting schedule of the Big Bit Information Institute, on the basis of the successful convening of the first LED drive technology seminar, the second LED drive technology conference targeted the foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan and the domestic three representative types. 15 well-known company technical experts participated in technical presentations, including foreign solution providers NS, PI, Infineon, MPS, domestic solution providers SILAN, Maxictech, Bpsemi, Hong Kong and Taiwan solution providers Solomon-systech, Mblock, device solutions firm Murata, Sunlordinc, and testing Solution companies such as Lecroy, Chroma and other well-known companies.

It is understood that the second LED seminar will be led by LED general lighting drive technology, the topic covers the current hot topic of LED lighting, including LED drive power cooling, dimming and security issues, LED test technology, LED overcurrent Overvoltage protection technology, as well as innovative design of LED components. At that time, more than 1,200 engineers and lecturers on the site will discuss and solve problems in product development through communication and discussion, and find more optimized design ideas to realize the integration and innovation of the industry chain and promote a new round of LED lighting industry. development of. I believe that the collision of thoughts on the scene will bring new inspiration to the industry.

Big Bit said that all lighting and power engineers can participate free of charge, and LED lighting R&D and technical engineers can enjoy the hotel buffet Chinese food for free. At the same time, all the audiences of the two-day conference can participate in the sweepstakes, and the prizes are very rich, including beautiful gifts such as tablet computers, digital photo frames and mobile hard drives.

For more information on the event, please visit the official website of the event: http://

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