Beijing Green Age LED street light has many indicators

With its unique advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, and high color rendering index, LED is gradually being accepted by urban road lighting. According to reports, Beijing Green Times Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. launched a 120W high-power LED street light product. When the average light efficiency is 73.234lm/W light source, the total power of the street lamp is 119.1W. The total luminous flux reaches 8323lm and the overall lighting efficiency is 69.9lm/W.

In addition, the 120W high-power LED street lamp product has a 1000-hour color rendering index of 74, a 3000-hour color rendering index of 72, and a variation range of ±2; a 1000-hour color temperature of 5,456, a 3000-hour color temperature of 5,482, and a color temperature change of only ±26; And the power factor is 0.98, in line with the requirements of "Technical Specifications for LED Road Lighting Products (Second Edition)".

It is reported that this LED street lamp product can be widely used in lighting fields such as square lights, freight yard lights, high pole lights, searchlights, etc., which can realize more beautiful, brighter and more simple lighting solutions.

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