Street lamp, garden lamp bidding procurement announcement

Tender No.: HYYTJZ2009-024
Tendering Agent: Shandong Haiyi Hengan Tendering Co., Ltd. Owner: Fushan District, Yantai City, Senior Vocational School Registration Deadline: 2009-11-13
Region: Shandong Industry: Electrical and Electronic Appliances

I. Purchaser: Fushan District Senior Vocational School, Yantai City Address: No. 88, Chongwen Street, Fushan District

2. Purchasing Agency: Shandong Haiyi Hengan Tendering Co., Ltd. Address: Room 1411, Zhongyin Building, No. 166 Jiefang Road, Yantai City Bank: Construction Bank Yantai Branch Account Name: Shandong Haiyi Hengan Tendering Co., Ltd. Yantai Branch Account Telephone Fax

Third, procurement methods: competitive negotiations

4. Project Name: Street Lamp, Garden Light Purchasing and Installation Project No.: HYYTJZ2009-024

V. Purchasing content and subcontracting situation:
Purchasing content (including the name, use and quantity of purchased goods and services): The purchase and installation of street lights and garden lights in the new campus of Fushan District Senior Vocational School in Yantai City are divided into two packages.
Package number cargo name quantity brief technical indicator supplier qualification requirements
29 sets of 6 m five fire lotus lights See the procurement documents for details. 1 Bidders must be registered in China and have independent legal personality (agents must provide proof of production enterprise authorization);
2 The lamps to be supplied shall provide the product quality inspection report issued by the authoritative department at or above the municipal level (including) of the corresponding or similar products.
85 sets of 6 meter ring type five fire garden lights
37 sets of 2 8 meter street lights
4 meters double fire garden light 26 sets

VI. Sample review time: From now until 16:00 on November 10, 2009, obtain the procurement documents. Location: Room 1411, Zhongyin Building, No. 166 Jiefang Road, Yantai City Time: The next day from the date of sample examination to 8:00 every day on November 12, 2009 -17 hours (Beijing time)
Method: Purchase price: 300 yuan / copy; after the tender is sold, it will not be refunded (if you need to mail and add the express delivery fee of RMB 50), please bring a copy of the business license when you purchase the documents.

VII. Due date for submission of documents: 9:30 on November 13, 2009

VIII. Negotiation Date: 9:30, November 13, 2009 Venue: Yantai Fushan District Senior Vocational School (New Campus) Conference Room

IX. Contact person of this project: Purchaser: Cao Zhengkun Purchasing Agency: Xie Guoliang

X. Others: The supplier must send the sample of the reported package to the Fushan District Senior Vocational School (New Campus) of Yantai City before 16:00 on November 10, 2009, and pass the examination by the purchaser (including specifications, colors, materials, etc.). ) Responsible for participation in the negotiation meeting.

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