How to configure the living room lighting

The living room is the center of the family activities, and it is also a place to receive friends and family, with high utilization rate. The colors and types of lamps in the living room can be richer. The combination of overall and local lighting is generally used to meet the living room lighting requirements.

Overall lighting

The ceiling lighting can be used for the overall lighting. Generally, a single or multi-head chandelier can be installed in the center of the room as the main light to create a stable and warm environment, which makes the guests feel at home.

The choice of the ceiling light is determined by the area and height of the living room. If the area is only more than ten square feet and the shape of the living room is irregular, then it is best to use the ceiling lamp. If the living room is tall and large, the chandelier can be used according to the age and culture of the owner. , hobbies, choices of comfort and warmth of the views and standards, as well as the requirements of the bedroom lighting style.

Partial illumination

Partial lighting can be achieved by using floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. Watching TV and casual reading, it is more appropriate to install a high-slung floor lamp. Turn off the ceiling light when watching TV and reading. Turning on the floor lamp is neither dazzling and makes the environment appear quiet and elegant. There are banners and calligraphy on the back wall of the sofa. Two different sizes of wall lamps can be placed on both sides of the calligraphy and painting. A floor lamp can be placed on the sofa. Such a luminaire device is stable and generous, and can select a light source according to different needs, or the lamps are flushed, the room is full of brilliance, or the single lamp is alone, and the knees are old.

Because the situation of each family room is different, the function of the living room is also different. For example, the living room of some families may have to function as a restaurant. Therefore, it is necessary to flexibly grasp various practical situations when selecting lamps.

Shape and grade

In terms of the shape and grade of the luminaire, one must consider the coordination with the atmosphere of the living room, and the second is to strive for elegance and to refrain from luxury. The living room is the facade of the family. The lighting is too dull may not reflect your decorative style and is slightly shabby. Too luxurious may make the visitors have psychological pressure and can't open their hands. The main body of the living room should not be too dark or dazzling. When there are few people in the living room, the main body light can be turned off and a wall lamp can be turned on. Nowadays, some consumers are living in the pastoral life, pursuing the return to the true mood, abandoning the magnificent wall lamps, and burning candles in the living room to create a candlelight effect. This design is elegant and elegant, but after all, living in a modern city is both cumbersome and troublesome.

Now there are some wall lights on the market, which will also have a simple and elegant effect after installation. However, you must pay attention to the purchase, the shape of the lamps must be simple, avoid cumbersome and complicated. The light source is best to choose an incandescent light bulb. The light should not be directly emitted, so that the light can be reflected on the wall and then refracted. There are a variety of wall lights on the market, and the style is extremely simple. The lamp holder made of cold-rolled sheet is in the shape of a louver, and is equipped with adjusting screws on both sides. When the lamp holders are overlapped and combined, the lights are respectively reflected from the upper and lower sides. When the lamp holder is turned down, the light is transmitted to the wall and reflected. This arrangement is also very good, suitable for general family members to chat or watch TV lighting.

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