Aixtron's next-generation AIX G5's capacity reaches the goal of crystal power

CS website report: Aixtron AG said that its next-generation MOCVD platform, AIX G5 HT, exhibits high performance, achieving high-quality GaN deposition processes at high growth rates in a 600 mbar high-voltage environment, and achieving extremely consistent GaN/ InGaN layer. At the Crystal Power Company in Hsinchu Science and Technology Industrial Park, they directly epitaxially grow without the use of reaction chamber baking or any component exchange.

According to Aixtron, the AIX G5 HT has a variety of configurations, including 56×2, 14×4, and 8×6, and the design of the reaction chamber is unique, achieving high growth without baking and component exchange. Speed ​​and continuous operation, which doubles the output of previous generations.

Aixtron says the new design has high process flexibility and maintains good process stability; in addition, the AIX G5 HT system has a fast start-up time and reproducibility (similarity) between the device and the device. The highest; this is faster than other competing devices, with a simple copy-and-paste process conversion. This is critical for the current situation where process experts are scarce and the market is growing tremendously.

Gerd Strauch, vice president of product design and engineering at Aixtron, is responsible for the development of the Planetary Reactor. He said that as they expected, the development of crystal power has made rapid progress, and the new reactor is goal-oriented, which is in the Aixtron lab. The most direct affirmation of advanced CFD simulation and system testing technology.

Dr. Ming-Jiunn Jou, President of Jingdian, commented that at the beginning of the cooperation between Jingdian and Aixtron, the latter is challenging new targets and developing new reaction equipment; the consistency and yield of AIX G5 HT is currently achieved. At the same time, they have enhanced their confidence; now they are keen to mass produce this new type of equipment and are expecting to benefit from it. At present, they have successfully moved the epitaxial growth quality from the laboratory to the production site of Jingdian, and the performance of the equipment remains.

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