LED lighting to create an art building - Hangzhou Guansheng Building lighting landscape

Guansheng Building is located in Wangjiang East Road, Qianjiang New City, Hangzhou, a Grade A office building. The land area is 4,540 square meters, the construction area is 29,483 square meters, the total is 22 stories high, 4 floors are standard writing buildings, 1-3 floors are commercial podiums, and intelligent Grade A 5A office buildings. On both sides of the building facing the street, the 14-storey building facade wall is inlaid with an art LED starlight matrix, using the lighting landscape to create regional landmarks, and the magnificent and powerful visual impact, which is really eye-catching, large The wall is full of colors, the red flag is flying, the ripples of water, the rolling subtitles surround the building, and various unique effects appear frequently, dotted with street views.

In particular, combined with digital technology, it can broadcast all kinds of public information (weather forecast, clock display, important alarm, celebration publicity, special advertisement, etc.) in real time, which is an oversized public display board.

For this special building, Shanghai Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to creating.

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