The magical trend of LED plant factories: intelligent control growth under LED lighting

Plant factories are a trend in the future, and more and more farmers are willing to produce in this way. It’s not practical to plant a seed in the spring and wait for the fruit to grow in the fall. Now the plant factory has nothing to do with the soil and the sun. You can eat what you want in a few days.
A lettuce seed, spread on a sponge, infiltrated in a special nutrient solution, extending through the fine pores to the bottom, and the leaves thrive under the red and blue LED light, they are "plant factories" The latest products.
It sounds a bit sloppy. In Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, the author witnessed their wonderful growth. All of this has nothing to do with soil and sunlight. The natural conditions such as sunlight, humidity and temperature required for plant growth are artificially controlled in a state that is most conducive to plant growth.
Workshop lettuce is open all year round
In the "plant factory" of Zhejiang University in Chun'an Town, Changxing County, project management staff Ding Wenya said that since the operation in October 2013, the "factory" is trying to solve such problems - three-dimensional soilless cultivation, plus With intelligent control of the environment, as well as air and moisture, plants can freely grow free from other natural conditions. “Plant Factory” is a 800 square meter fully enclosed experimental space. All items and personnel need to be professionally disinfected before entering. The walls are all made of double-layer insulation materials to block all external factors. The impact of pests and diseases is zero. In the "factory", 18 multi-layer iron frames of about 20 meters in length and 8 meters in height were arranged in two rows, which were filled with lettuce. Each layer of iron frame is surrounded by a tube, which constantly simulates the light band required for photosynthesis. Since then, these lettuces have no day and night, and maintain a strong growth momentum throughout the day, the production rate is increased, the production cycle is shortened, and the annual output can reach 200,000 kilograms, 30 times that of ordinary open field cultivation.
Field system smart care
“The sales of vegetables produced by the 'plant factory' are really good. They are immediately taken out and shipped to customers.” Zhang Wenhua, chairman of Zhejiang Luyexian Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., said in an exciting way.
In the company's ordinary greenhouse of about 200 square meters, crops such as lettuce, leeks and bumps were planted on more than 150 round columns, and on the other side of the 14 A-shaped brackets. The seedlings of cherry radish and spinach have just emerged from the black soil. The shed is equipped with a fan and water curtain cooling system for the moisturizing and cooling of the summer season plants.
In addition, the semi-intelligent power control box replaces the fully intelligent computer control system. The staff can set the time and frequency with just a few push buttons, and the irrigation and fertilization of the plants can be done with a watering system installed on the columns and supports. "What you see is not the soil, but the 'matrix', which is also a form of 'soilless cultivation'," said Zhang Ruixia, deputy director of the R&D Center. According to Zhang Ruixia, since the hardware facilities and operation modes of the “factory” are basically available, the production results from this are not inferior. If properly cared for, it can grow 20 to 22 baht a year, and the output of more than 200 square meters is equivalent to the output of 4 mu of land.
Market a box of vegetables to sell more than 30 yuan
Zhang Wenhua said that her goal is to promote such a "plant factory" among ordinary farmers, and a company provides technical advice and services free of charge.
Today, vegetables produced by the “plant factory” can already be purchased in two stores opened by the Wizard of Oz, and some are supplied to fixed orders from the canteens, schools and residents' communities. "A box of thirty or forty dollars of vegetables, a family can eat for a week, the price is not expensive." Zhang Wenhua said.
Zhang Wenhua knows that the road to new taste is not smooth. Technical problems, such as the control of the greenhouse environment and the impact of foreign pests and diseases, need to be further explored and resolved. However, she is confident in the future of the “plant factory”. “After all, it represents a trend in future agriculture.”

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