Beijing issued a "negative list" building renovation will disable incandescent lamps

According to reports, on the afternoon of April 28, the Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee, the Municipal Planning Commission, and the Municipal Municipal Municipal Committee of Municipalities and Municipalities jointly issued the Catalogue of Building Materials for Promotion, Restriction and Prohibition in Beijing. This “Negative List”, incandescent lamps A group of non-environmental, high-energy, short-lived building materials, such as bagged cement and aerated gypsum board, are listed on the list of banned use and will bid farewell to the stage of Beijing construction project.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing Construction Committee, in the new catalogue, a batch of building materials and equipment that are not environmentally friendly, have high energy consumption and short life span, such as bagged cement (except special cement), pneumatic gypsum board, incandescent lamp, etc., are listed as prohibited. The list of building materials and equipment will bid farewell to the stage of Beijing construction projects. The new catalogue will be officially implemented on the 1st of next month, when these materials will be banned in the construction project. This regulation also means that after May 1st, no environmentally friendly building materials such as incandescent lamps and bagged cement can be used in the renovation of the project, the blanks provided by the developers and the finely decorated houses.

The person in charge said that the use of bagged cement, if it is used for home decoration, is difficult due to law enforcement and is a personal act, so the building materials used for home decoration are not mandatory according to the catalogue requirements.

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