Taking Light as a Pen--On Modern Urban Landscape Lighting

Taking Light as a Pen--On Modern Urban Landscape Lighting

China's urban landscape lighting, after more than 30 years of exploration, discussion and development, has entered the track of health, art and science. Urban landscape lighting must be a perfect blend of lighting and artistic creativity, which is the crystallization of science and art. At the same time, urban landscape lighting belongs to the category of urban night environment culture. In the creation of urban nightscape art landscape, the lighting is like the pen in the hands of the painter. How to use the light as the pen to depict the beautiful picture of the urban night environment needs to be further explored. communicate with.

Basic concept of modern city night lighting

Modern urban art lighting, as an art, should be a hundred flowers, a hundred schools of thought, full of personality, showing artistic attainments. Then, how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of urban night lighting? There may be many clues, but the most basic idea should be: artistic, care for original landscape art, energy saving and low carbon, and glare suppression.

Artistic: that is, "adapted to the circumstances." “The suitability of the scene” fully reflects the history and humanistic connotation of the urban landscape, and depicts the infinite charm of the art of light through the theme of light culture depicting and reconstructing or reconstructing the night landscape. Night lighting should have artistic value and be artistically ornamental. The artistry and appreciation here mainly refers to the historical integration of the light environment, the architectural art, the green ecology of the garden, the grandeur of the city skyline and the artistic creativity that reflects the spirit of the times.

Care for landscape art originality: The design and installation of lighting should protect the original historical and cultural features of the landscape, especially the installation of lamps should be concealed, rather than addictive, unsightly and destructive of the original features of historic sites.

Energy-saving and low-carbon: Lighting design should use advanced lighting equipment and intelligent control technology, scientific design, reduce power density, and achieve scientific and efficient lighting applications.

Inhibition of glare: In urban lighting, in order to protect the urban environment, lighting design must focus on preventing light pollution, and must eliminate the "lightness first" approach. The glare of lighting is the same as environmental pollution caused by air pollution and drinking water pollution, and must be highly valued in the urban night environment. Of course, sometimes glare can also be used as a nighttime atmosphere and visual stimulation, but it must be adapted to local conditions and suit the circumstances. China does not need too many "Las Vegas". If it is more, it will be indiscriminate. If it is more, it will definitely go to the opposite side.

The above four concepts fully reflect the "people-oriented", and the understanding and application of "light as a pen" is the only way to achieve the integration of lighting art and lighting science.

Light as a pen

"Light as a pen" refers to the designer's design of "light use", "use color" and intelligent lighting control in night lighting. It is like a painter's hand brush, free to use, creative, and draw beautiful, An ornamental urban art picture.

The basic function of "light as a pen" is to be familiar with light sources and lamps, proficient in performance, adapt to local conditions, adapt to the circumstances, scientifically and rationally select and use light sources and lamps, truly embody the fusion of science and art.

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