Teach you how to play music as cloud disk on TV, computer, mobile phone

LeTV Cloud is a free cloud storage service produced by LeTV. It has unlimited storage space. If the video is played online clearly and smoothly, and the network is good, super clear video can be played from the point of opening video to playing for up to 2 seconds. Unique video recording function, see what video, see all recorded. Can hide private files and make files more secure. In addition to picture browsing and picture rotation, picture browsing also has time classification and place display functions. Unicom's products at each end are multi-ended. The following details on how LeTV cloud discs are used in televisions, computers, and mobile phones.

A: how to use music as cloud disk in the computer

1.1 Enter LeTV's homepage. There is a "Lesson Cloud Disk" in the upper right corner of the page.

1.2 After you click in, you will enter your own LeTV Cloud Edition. You can find all the files you uploaded via computer, TV, and mobile phone are inside. You can also download offline and share management.

II: How does LeTV cloud disk apply to mobile phones?

2.1 First of all, you need to download and install LeSpot cloud mobile client, as shown below:

2.2 After the installation is complete, enter the home page of the client, and click the number 1 in the upper right corner to expand the list of all types of files.

2.3 Click the "+" icon in the lower right corner to upload photos, videos, documents and other files on the mobile phone.

Three: How does LeTV cloud disk apply to TV?

3.1 You need to install the LeTV Cloud TV client and enter the client

3.2 After entering the client, as shown in the figure below, click on the number 1 to upload files on all types of TV. Click on the number 2 to view the uploaded video files on the TV, computer and mobile phone. Similarly, click on the number 5 to view the TV, computer and Mobile phone has uploaded picture files and so on.

3.3 The following focuses on how the files on the TV are uploaded to the Levision cloud disk

3.3.1 find "file management" in the application

3.3.2 After entering the file management, click 1 File Management to enter 2 Storage Devices

3.3.3 Then you enter various file fields. You can upload pictures, videos, applications, installation packages, etc. that you like to the LeTV cloud disk. Here I take the picture as an example, click to enter “pictures”

There are two documents in 3.3.4, one is the "social-shared" that I saved directly after screenshot, the number is 1. The other is the source screenshot that I retained after uploading Weibo through the screenshot of "Uber TV". "weibo-shared ”, number 2 shows.

3.3.5 Enter any one of the documents, select the picture (without clicking to enlarge), as shown in the number 1, click the Super Remote Menu button, as shown in the figure below, you can upload the picture to the "Lokse cloud disk" client .

In short, LeTV is a tool that I like to transfer files between TVs, computers, and mobile phones. The quality of screenshots is very high. It is a very convenient and applicable cloud storage service product, providing multi-terminal platform services, anytime, anywhere. Master cloud files; easily upload large files, allowing you to completely discard your mobile hard drive! Compared with the same type of product, the cloud disk supports 4K HD video playback, playing smoothly.

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