How do Ningbo LED lighting companies “go out”?

The “Belt and Road” is reshaping the semiconductor lighting industry. For Ningbo semiconductor lighting companies, “going out” can meet the internal needs of industrial development and conform to the national development strategy. But how do you “go out”? What platforms or resources are available? How to avoid risks? These issues are attracting more and more attention and thinking from Ningbo semiconductor lighting companies.

Recently, China (Ningbo) Semiconductor Lighting Industry International Cooperation Development Forum was held in Ningbo. The Commercial Consul of the Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai, the Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates and the Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, and the head of Ningbo Semiconductor Lighting Enterprise gathered together to discuss how to use cross-border e-commerce The service platform will allow more high-quality Ningbo lighting products to “go out” to start a dialogue.

Ningbo is the main production base and export base of semiconductor lighting products in the country. At present, it has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, from chip design, packaging, key components, materials to application terminals (lighting) testing and certification, standard formulation to contract energy management All. Last year, the city completed sales of LED related products of more than 33 billion yuan, of which exports accounted for 60%, the industry status is second only to Guangdong Province. The application of semiconductor lighting products has exceeded 5 million 盏 (including the transformation of public institutions in the city). The products are exported to Japan, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and the development is relatively stable. At the same time, factors such as lagging industry standards, single overlapping product structure, relatively obvious horizontal competition, long-term self-owned brand cultivation cycle, and small enterprise scale have become the bottlenecks restricting enterprise transformation and upgrading and market expansion.

“One Belt and One Road” brings new opportunities to Ningbo enterprises. The heads of Hungary, UAE, Zimbabwe and other countries in China said that the demand for semiconductor lighting in various countries is increasing year by year, and the opportunities for Ningbo semiconductor lighting companies are not small. “Ningbo lighting company has been OEM for the world famous LED lighting brand. Everyone is very positive about the quality and performance of 'Ningbo Manufacturing'.” Mr. Badir, Commercial Counselor of the UAE Embassy, ​​said that there are many construction projects in the UAE that require a large number of construction projects. Lighting equipment, looking for projects that can undertake engineering and provide total solutions for companies connecting to UAE hotels, roads and villas. The size of these projects is expected to exceed $1 billion. He hopes that Ningbo enterprises can seize these opportunities.

“In recent years, the demand for semiconductor lighting in the countries on the “Belt and Road” has increased.” Ren Fengbo, vice president of the Semiconductor Lighting Association of the Municipal Electronics Industry Association, said, “The cooperation model they hope is one-stop and online. Therefore, we Cross-border trade intermediary service providers are required to provide one-stop trade services such as global marketing promotion, export agency, unified quotation, overseas warehousing and distribution, and e-commerce training, and expand management and marketing radius through cloud computing platform to improve overall operational efficiency. Improve global business risk management."

It is reported that at the forum, Ningbo Electronics Industry Association and Beijing Yimatte E-Commerce Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce service platform for semiconductor lighting on the basis of complementary advantages and resource sharing. Ningbo and surrounding enterprises provide low-cost, high-efficiency and comprehensive overseas services.

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